11 Amazing Business Lessons From Ari Gold

11 Amazing Business Lessons From Ari Gold

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11 Amazing Business Lessons From Ari Gold
11 Amazing Business Lessons From Ari Gold
”We are going to Hell, so bring your sunblock.”

I have recently finished watching the Entourage series. I watched eight seasons without breathing. The show is quite fun to watch. It is relaxing, yet it has some elements that might disturb some people – porn stars, drugs, money and others. But if there is one thing that will draw anyone’s attention, that is the Ari Gold. The character is played by Jeremy Piven and perfectly describes the insights of a successful businessman – controversial, always ready, smart, suffocating and always with an ace in his sleeve. Watching the show will give you a new perspective over what it takes to be successful, so I do recommend it.

Here are eleven lessons that you will actually learn from Ari Gold.

Adopt a 24/7 lifestyle

A lot of people work in order to support themselves. They do it for a living. The successful ones turn their work into their lifestyle. Staying open to new opportunities is a must. Aggressiveness is mandatory as well, but only to outweigh the competition. When some people go to sleep, out or at a party, you work. When some people grab their partners and go on vacation for three weeks in Greece, you work.

Surround yourself with good people

When I say good people, I mean solid, professional and quality people. Your people, team or network is directly responsible for your net worth. Ari Gold has proven the necessity of having a top notch team around. Just like anyone else, he does have flaws. However, he knows who and when to call in order to get things done. Keep in mind that particular goals do require collaborative work. Knowing the right people can be vital.

Work for your dream lifestyle

Ari Gold is always annoying his wife for exaggerating with the phone talk. He does love his family, but he also understands that he needs a lot of work in order to achieve a particular lifestyle. Just like he said, you can have it if you want to live in Agora and go to group therapy, but if you want a Beverly Hills mansion, a country club membership and nine weeks a year in a Tuscan villa, then you better take a call when it comes in at noon on a Wednesday. His words, not mine.

Diversification is the key

Ari Gold’s hunger for success is never going to stop. It makes no difference if he wants to sign a new talent, expand a business, run a studio or just join other industries. Pursuing new ideas, goals and ambitions is a must, but do not overlook the previous ones. Getting all your goals together into a force is the element that turns a simple firm into a financial empire, so do it.

When was the last time you were a jerk?

Ari Gold is known for being a pompous jerk, especially among women. However, the work is always done at the end of the day. His best asset is going straight to the point when he asks for something. Some people might interpret it wrongly. Perhaps they think that you do not care about them. This is when it pays off to be a total jerk. Anyone can be a jerk, but you have to figure out when to and when not to become one.

Never take any crap from your competition

Once a competitor become a cockroach for your business, it is essential to eradicate them. Ari Gold performs brilliantly in one episode, when he steps into a different agency with a paint ball gun. He outperforms enemies and humiliates them. You might find the scene on video sharing websites. Believe it or not, this kind of idea will bring an amazing level of satisfaction.

Business and friendship can get together

Some people say that you can never work with friends and family. In most cases, this is correct. But then, people fail because they are unable to keep everyone down to earth around them. When you work with friends and family, you better make sure that you hold each other accountable. Ari Gold will teach you the necessity of staying rigorous and concentrated on the final goal.

Stay fit

Have you noticed that successful businesspeople are fit? No matter how much they work, they always find some time to stay fit. They play tennis in the evening, do push ups in their offices or run early in the morning. You do not need to look like a body builder, but a healthy body hosts a healthy mind. Plus, physical activity equals stress relief, so go do it, especially since everyone today judges you by your appearance.

Finish first

Finish your tasks at work, then handle your household responsibilities. Where is the catch? Stop the stress before it even steps in. While Ari Gold always looks neurotic, he does take care of his tasks first. This is imperative. Everything is a lot better when you know that your work is complete for the day. When you know it is not, you cannot even enjoy the breaks.

Brutal honesty might be the key

Most people who like Ari Gold do it because of his brash methods of communication. He never holds things back. If he wants to make a point, no one can do it better than him. He does it in a very efficient manner and can actually push people to deliver.

Your family rules

Despite having all kinds of superstars in the palm of his hands, Ari Gold always comes back to his wife and kids. Most other relationships are temporary, but not a wife and children. Keep in mind that your family will always be close to you if you need help, so take care of them and the satisfaction will naturally step in. Of course, some people might relate to a lot of exceptions too. Anyway, maybe you should check out the scene with Ari Gold and one of his enemies too – Adam Davies. It should be available around video sharing websites.

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