A Detailed Guide On How To Save Energy And Reduce Waste

A Detailed Guide On How To Save Energy And Reduce Waste

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A Detailed Guide On How To Save Energy And Reduce Waste
A Detailed Guide On How To Save Energy And Reduce Waste
If used accordingly, electricity might become the best exchange currency for your company. But do you know when and where you actually use it? Do you use such details in order to seal the best deals? So how do you monitor and control the use in order to be efficient?

Identifying the energy consumption

It is impossible to manage without any information. Get in touch with your provider and keep an eye on your energy consumption. Find out where your energy is consumed with an entrepreneur’s help. The equipment must be monitored round the clock, while most professionals charge about 50% of the savings. You can just as well get your own equipment and find out yourself.

Turn the lights off

While it might be an excellent idea, this is not about implementing some work shifts without any personnel. Instead, this is about what happens when the sun goes down. You might be surprised by how much energy you waste once you close the gates and head home. Find out where the energy is wasted and develop some smart procedures to close the installation in particular areas.

For example, if the IT department wants to keep the computers running on 24/7 basis for maintenance, make sure that you turn all the monitors off. If the energy consumption is still too high, you might want to dig deeper.

During a power outage, a cinema theatre has used the generator to keep the film running. Unsurprisingly, the generator has also powered the public lights on a nearby street. Such a problem was good enough to let the management know that the theatre was paying for public lighting.

It might be a good idea to double check the water meters as well. You might be surprised by how many of them are incorrectly installed. You might be paying for both you and your neighbour.

Wasting heat

Whether you use energy to generate heat or you use air conditioners to keep your employees and guests cool, all this energy is wasted. It makes no difference if you use a factory or a food delivery service. If you use scourers at the optimal temperature inside your factory, you probably know already that the lids are never put on when the scourers are not in use. How about a food delivery service? You are the one who pays bills. Then why would your employees care about the energy consumption? Compressed air can cause exquisite losses too. Up to 95% of all the energy used to activate a compressor can be lost as heat.

Exaggerating with the control

I have noticed that some managers waste energy with various systems that contradict each other, only to provide more control than what they actually need. In a thermally controlled area, both the cooling and heating systems are in a continuous opposition. Besides, the situation is a lot more problematic because the minimum and maximum limits are too precisely defined.

For example, if you have ever seen a decontamination room, you have probably noticed that the air is continuously changed in order to match the quality standards. However, the air is not supposed to be changed when the factory is closed for a weekend too.

How about some new equipments?

As a vital part of the approval process for new equipments, do take the energy savings into consideration. Unsurprisingly, most managers do not.

Maintaining your facility

Well maintained buildings are usually a lot more economical as well. Rely on a professional to calculate the impact of a proper insulation. If the insulation is not qualitative, you might lose up to 40% of the heat through the walls. Some paints are said to have insulating properties that can reduce the loss by up to 25%.

Energy reduction methods

What is the best way to keep the energy consumption under control?

  • Gather as much information as possible about how much energy you use and what you use it for.
  • Try to find energy saving solutions in absolutely any kind of use.
  • Always keep an eye on the usage, bills, packages and plans, only to negotiate the best offers.
  • There might be some hidden opportunities to reprogram your energy use in order to reduce the waste.

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