A Different Title Approach – Confront The Objections

A Different Title Approach – Confront The Objections

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A Different Title Approach – Confront The Objections
A Different Title Approach – Confront The Objections
There is one major problem with titles that promise benefits – most people are quite cynical and sceptical these days. However, they are not to be blamed. They have been exposed to all kinds of fake claims and failed keywords used by many generations of unskilled individuals. Therefore, it is perfectly normal to lose confidence with time.

For every benefit that you mention, there will be at least one consumer to doubt it. The title might promise an amazing silhouette and a quick weight loss process. However, consumers will imagine that they will need to eat tree cover or boiled grass for a month. They will not even bother to read the articles, so they will just skip it.

Overcoming the objection in the title

A popular mobile provider advertises for a program that allows users to get the emails as text messages without any extra costs. This is a serious objection from financial directors who accept expenses within companies.

”You can now have your emails on the mobile phone without any hidden fees.”

No matter what you sell, you have to overcome your potential customers’ doubts, scepticism and fears. You have to do it before actually selling. Doing it in the title is definitely a smart idea. A useful technique when writing a title implies considering the reader’s motivations and objections at the same time. In other words, you need to focus on what might prevent readers from clicking on your article link.

Think about selling a weight loss product to a bunch of consumers who like to drink wine.

”Start losing weight now!”

In my opinion, this is a terrible idea. Some people might assume that they have to quit their favourite foods or drinks, especially when it comes to alcohol. Therefore, you have to put it in a better way.

”Parisian ladies lose 5 pounds in two weeks without quitting their favourite wine.”

It is a long text, indeed. But the words are more convincing because they overcome the objection. The text also includes a convincing story that might help the reader find a good reason to read it. The title tells the reader how much weight they can lose within a specific period of time. Besides, when you think about Parisian ladies, you can only think about beautiful, chic and gracious ladies. The image is aspirational for every reader out there.

How to handle customers’ objections in the title

  • In the best case, your reader is sceptical. In the worst case, the reader becomes sceptical. Therefore, try to beat their fears through a daring, yet subtle response. But what if? This is the question you have to reply to.
  • Take a peek over your titles. Assuming that you have overloaded them with all the benefits of your products, do you think that they might work better if you could find a way to expose the objections?

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