Always Get Ready To Dirty Your Hands In Sales

Always Get Ready To Dirty Your Hands In Sales

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Always Get Ready To Dirty Your Hands In Sales
Always Get Ready To Dirty Your Hands In Sales
Not all sales meetings take place in a comfortable and clean office. Some of them occur on the field, while others may go underground. The environment and various circumstances can provide a lot of opportunities to salespeople, even if it takes some time to get used to such unexpected situations.

I have read a funny story written by a sales agent. His consultancy company used to work with an agricultural machine manufacturer. Whenever new agents got employed, no one told them what to expect. They used to get their best shoes and costumes before showing up at the client’s headquarters. However, they had no clue that they would have to face deep mud and other similar obstacles. On the other hand, experienced salespeople knew that meeting the manufacturer’s management asked for a pair of boots.

When dirty hands make the difference in sales

It sounds unusual, but I believe that having a pair of rubber boots inside your car trunk is mandatory. There are two reasons to do it. First, you obviously do not want to leave the meeting looking like a pig. Second, you want to take a peek on the inside and get as close as possible, only to handle specific opportunities that may arise.

I once saw a sales agent supervising the presentation of an automated cleaner whose small brushes used to capture all the dirt on the road. The machine was operating, while the sales agent was explaining its functionality to some local council members. At one moment, the machine hit a bunch of weeds grown close to a building. The agent pulled out a coverall from his briefcase, put it over the costume and got close to the machine. He grabbed some scissors from the automotive cleaner and cut the weeds. The cleaner collected them in no time. He got back to the group and made a perfect connection between his gesture and the functionality of such a machine. His message was simple – the operation requires two individuals.

The general conclusion is easy to notice. Potential clients do like people who do not hesitate to dirty their hands. Such an idea can impress and amplify the power of a speech.

Enhancing your sales meetings by dirtying your hands

As a general rule of thumb, analyse your typical sales meetings in order to determine how to include a dirty-your-hands moment.

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