Be Succinct!

Be Succinct!

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Be Succinct!
Be Succinct!
Copywriters, marketing agencies and customers have managed to prove that long texts are superior to short texts. Then why should you be succinct? Sometimes, being succinct is not about the text length, but about how concise it is.

Do not use 20 words if you can support your idea in 8 words! Why would you use 8 words if you can do it in 3 words? The possibility to be critic to your own text while editing will most likely make it very strong.

How to be effective in communication

Winston Churchill wrote a telegram to a commander in the Middle East – Alexander – on August, 10-th, 1942.

”Your fundamental and primordial duty is to conquer or destroy the German-Italian army led by Field Marshal Rommel with the first opportunity, along with their establishments and weapons in Egypt and Libya.”

Winston Churchill used a few words to describe a whole campaign, as well as its purpose, objectives and duration. Keep in mind when you plan to run the next article. It makes no difference how much you appreciate your product. You feel this way because you have invented it or you sell it. Your reader is less likely to feel this way. If you choose to turn a sentence into a whole paragraph, you can forget about selling.

Make sure that you use strong and coherent texts. Every word matters. Replace “it has 27 meters in length” with “it is 27 meter long”. Replace “I am located in Birmingham” with “I am in Birmingham”. If you can reduce a draft with 30%, you are on the right path. From this point on, you have plenty of extra room to include more benefits.

How to be succinct in copywriting

A few simple ideas are more than enough to guide you accordingly.

  • Do not be worried about being too concise when writing the first draft. Instead, focus on telling a charming and convincing story about the product. Why would the reader buy it?
  • Avoid overcrowding the text with all kinds of fillers, adjectives, clichés, repetitions, redundancies and other similar things.

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