Being Funny In Public Relations – A Touch Of Humour

Being Funny In Public Relations – A Touch Of Humour

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Being Funny In Public Relations – A Touch Of Humour
Being Funny In Public Relations – A Touch Of Humour
Humour has always been a smart and useful method to promote your business. Plenty of companies rely on funny commercials too. Therefore, there are no reasons wherefore your public relations system should ignore this opportunity too.

On a different note, sponsorship has always represented a popular PR instrument too. It generates oral publicity and promotes a positive image of your business. Combining these two elements can bring in exquisite results, but only if you do it by the book.

Being funny in public relations

Hamlet cigars have always had a funny approach in marketing. Commercials were so funny and appreciated that they were released on tapes too. This is one of the most significant achievements in the marketing world. However, once the tobacco commercials were banned in Europe, most companies have crowded to sponsor different artistic or sports events. Practically, they tried to get their hands on anything that was related to marketing. Hamlet directors have tried to take their public relations even farther, so they have focused on something funny.

This is how the award for the worst sex scene has been invented. Hamlet has sponsored an award given by Literary Review for the worst sex scenes in contemporary literature. The award was given to Tom Wolfe in 2004. He was the only author who did not claim the award.

These days, times have changed once again. Sponsorship is banned in Europe as well today. But in my opinion, this award was a fairly good form of marketing and a brilliant idea.

How to combine humour and marketing

You do not have to be a genius in order to match humour and marketing in a good campaign.

  • Find something that your targeted audience will like.
  • Stimulate your audience with a funny idea, whether or not the level of humour can match your personal style.
  • Help the ones you sponsor to market for themselves.

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