Business Improvement – A Matter Of Respect

Business Improvement – A Matter Of Respect

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Business Improvement – A Matter Of Respect
Business Improvement – A Matter Of Respect
How many individuals do you actually employ? How many of them actually play an active role in boosting the efficiency of your business? All these things are related to gaining more with less resources. Can you do it?

The concepts that define your business

When it comes to improving your company, there are a few low fruits that can be grabbed immediately. These are the quick and easy solutions that are also temporary. Obviously, the tallest fruits gain more sun exposure, so they are tastier, yet harder to get.

There are no doubts that plenty of businesses fail to use the abilities, education and talents of their workers. Workers know exactly what works and what does not because they are part of the problem or solution. However, they rarely feel the need to open their mouths. Sometimes, they are afraid of suffering consequences. In other cases, they simply do not care.

In my opinion, the main characteristics of your business include:

  • Practices
  • Goals
  • Values
  • Attitudes

If you feel like they need a change, try to understand the problems first. It is very likely for a lot of people to be detached from this point of view.

The lack of interest

If you think about inviting your employees over in the attempt to improve your business, you risk ending up with some mumbling answers. Some of them may disagree with this idea. They believe that it is not their job to tell you how to run your company. They are just doing whatever they are told. In this case, you have to clearly explain them the unfair reality. If you go down, so do your workers. If you go up, they will shine along with you.

However, there are cases when an active participation is based on nothing but the culture. The same rule applies to international companies, whether it comes to challenges or doubts.

Respect some differences

An international company works differently. So does a national company. There will always be slight differences in the culture. Perhaps your office in the United Kingdom is bombed with all kinds of contributions and suggestions from your workers. On the other hand, your office from Indonesia might be different. What if your Indonesian employees feel suppressed when about to suggest changes? From some points of view, it might look like they find your management to be incorrect.

This is usually a matter of respect. When workers can express their opinions without compromising cultural rules, suggestions will start flowing overnight. Exchanging employees may also work in the long run. Sooner or later, your workers will realize that improvement suggestions are not just acceptable, but part of their responsibilities.

Earning respect in a different manner

It is not hard to earn enough respect for your employees to collaborate with you.

  • Be objective in evaluating your company and find out how many individuals understand the importance of active contributions. Are they enough?
  • Handle this problem by making everyone aware of the team approach.

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