Business People Like Special Offers Too

Business People Like Special Offers Too

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Business People Like Special Offers Too
Business People Like Special Offers Too
Everyone uses special offers in the relationship between companies and clients. You are probably familiar with these things. You can save 10 pounds, earn a free sticker or perhaps win a vacation on an exotic island. But when it comes to the relationships between more companies, a lot of sellers are very cautious. The reason is simple. Business people assume that once they come up with an offer, their partners will immediately figure out what you are trying to do.

It is true that business people are complex and smart, but they do like special offers too. After all, they can also be taken for consumers, so they often reply to the offers that are addressed to them.

Tips and tricks for your special promotions

A random book store has come up with a simple freebie – a pocket calculator that does not cost more than 3 pounds. The pocket calculator came with an expensive guide that was worth more than 500 pounds. Book store managers have been immediately overcrowded with numerous orders. Sales have gone through the roof for nothing but a cheap calculator. A lot of clients have even managed to get two calculators, only because they were free. Keep in mind that this is one of the strongest words a copywriter has. In other words, if you have never used special offers to boost your sales, perhaps this is the right time to start doing it.

As a general rule of thumb, you should always limit your offer, whether you do it in time or with the quantity in mind.

”Reply until October, 15-th and you can save 10%.”

”The first 100 users who reply will get a free watch.”

”Reply today. If you are not among the first 50 lucky users, you get a free day at a luxury spa.”

Other than that, do not hesitate to repeat the offer. If you rely on a mail package, you will have the package, letter and brochure. It is highly recommended to include an envelope for the reply. All these things are nothing but smart opportunities to repeat the message, only for your potential customers to benefit from free stuff if they reply. However, you should dress the offer in different forms of language, only to avoid repeating yourself.

Take the offer positioning in consideration when it comes to the main title. I have realized that a lot of successful promotions are based on nothing but offers.

”You will get a 10 pound ticket for our laundry service once you drop the first costume.”

Test the offers. Some people are more receptive when you provide different discounts, while others like freebies some more. No matter what you decide on, remember that everyone likes to win, especially when it comes to free things.

How to provide free things in an efficient manner

Sending freebies left and right is useless if you do not do it with your objectives in mind.

  • Match the offer and the demanded action. It is definitely strange to offer a gift that is worth 100 pounds for a product that barely costs 50 pounds. It is very likely to be taken for a scam.
  • If you offer a discount for the whole price, include both percentages and actual costs. Different things attract different people.

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