Deciding To Organize A Contest For Efficient Public Relations

Deciding To Organize A Contest For Efficient Public Relations

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Deciding To Organize A Contest For Efficient Public Relations
Deciding To Organize A Contest For Efficient Public Relations
Competitions, lotteries or contests can always draw a lot of attention. Some of them are more publicized than others though. Competitors remember the brand name and often talk about the respective contest. They do spread the word, but obviously, making it to the press is the best way to succeed. But then, particular contests are simply better than others from this point of view. So where is the catch?

When contests make the difference in public relations

In 1968, the mayor of a small fishing village from Spain has taken a major strategic decision. Practically, the mayor has decided that the village should focus on attracting more foreign travellers and tourists. The village itself was quite picturesque. It was also close to an international airport. The mayor wanted to develop a small town, raise a few boutique hotels and convince rich Europeans from the northern part of the country to invest in the local economy, which was quite low due to Franco‘s dictatorship.

This is how the town hall has organized a small musical contest. Composers and singers from all across the country were invited in the village. A lot of small shows were organized too. The primary purpose of this contest was to draw some attention, publicize the village and attract people from the middle class. The main award consisted of a professional recording contract.

The interesting part is that the winning song has become a hit. It has crossed the Spanish borders too. In fact, it has become a world renowned hit. The village itself has gained a lot of publicity, while the mayor’s plan has become history. The result was astonishing, so the small boutique hotels were out of discussion. Instead, the village was covered in huge and luxurious concrete hotels. Today, the village is a large city with a high level of tourism – Benidorm.

Benidorm is now a prosperous place that makes a lot of money. The funny thing is that everything has begun with a simple musical contest. Obviously, the transition was time consuming, but I think that a good vision and a little luck can work a very long way.

How to organize a decent contest for public relations

Respecting a few unwritten rules can help you make a good final decision.

  • Pick a contest theme that can draw the attention of local press.
  • Invite specific or popular competitors if you can. If you cannot, make sure that you include all the current ones in your marketing campaign.
  • Never overlook the importance of your brand, so ensure that your contest is associated with your brand.

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