Digging The Concept Of Page Rank In Search Engine Optimization

Digging The Concept Of Page Rank In Search Engine Optimization

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Digging The Concept Of Page Rank In Search Engine Optimization
Digging The Concept Of Page Rank In Search Engine Optimization
Page Rank (PR) is al algorithm used by Google to determine the importance and relevance of a website, as well as its quality grade. The page rank is valued from 0 to 10 and evaluates websites according to their purpose and content. A good page rank can be obtained with high quality backlinks. Furthermore, if the respective websites are notorious and belong to the same niche, you are very likely to obtain very good results in the long run. Since the page rank is barely updated a few times a year, it is obvious that obtaining a good value asks for a lot of hard work and patience.

For a lot of webmasters and search engine optimization experts, the page rank has become an actual obsession. This is not really such a good idea. After all, lacking a good technique and plan in search engine optimization will not provide any good results anyway. A valuable page rank is obviously that position obtained in a natural manner. In order to do it by the book, the paid linking market is abusively dominating the market. No matter how unusual it seems, Google truly dislikes paid links, yet most of its revenue comes from them. It looks quite dumb to me.

Unlike natural backlinks, the paid ones do not resist overtime. Besides, the website can be penalized, which obviously leads to a low page rank. Even if Google penalizes PR shopping websites, the method is still very popular.

The problem is that most people who sell such links are very likely to remove them after a while in order to make room for others. Therefore, this investment is a continuous one. While the page rank sorts websites according to their relevance, it is very important for the website to show up in the results too. This is the only way to satisfy a visitor, a potential customer and also the website owner.

The biggest concern about page ranks in search engine optimization relates to the update. Every year, Google makes a few updates, yet they arise out of nowhere. No public dates are given out. However, you can also find a lot of estimates over the Internet.

There are a lot of tools and portals that can provide the page rank of a website. There are also a few websites with the page rank value at 10.

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