Few Ideas On Determining Potential Customers To Give You Attention

Few Ideas On Determining Potential Customers To Give You Attention

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Few Ideas On Determining Potential Customers To Give You Attention
Few Ideas On Determining Potential Customers To Give You Attention

A lot of salespeople have to adopt specific measures in order to determine people around them to provide some attention. The attention gives the seller the possibility to spend some time without any pressure in the attempt to convince potential customers about their needs. But with all these, people today are extremely busy. They are always in a rush, while the time crisis has never been higher. An unrealistic attitude about this aspect will not really help you sell. Obviously, the more professional your approach is, the less relevant it is believed to be. However, sales agents can become more inventive, only to develop specific ideas and techniques in order to maximize the time spent with their customers.

How to convince people to give you some time

I happen to know for sure that every international airline has one employee who is often referred to as the doughnut man. The respective individual has plenty of responsibilities. One of them implies reaching to various travel agencies on a regular basis, only to inform the personnel about the latest changes and developments – new routes, special offers, discounted tariffs and many others. However, this individual has one major problem. Presenting the changes to every employee individually might take weeks or even months.

As if all these were not enough, most travel agencies do not allow the entire personnel to be instructed at once because someone still has to answer phone calls, make reservations and appointments. Therefore, the activity most go on.

The solution is fairly simple though. The doughnut man meets half the personnel and promises to bring some gifts. Therefore, he shows up with tea, coffee and doughnuts from a nearby store. Half the personnel takes a break, gathers around in a different room and absorbs the information in a relaxed and less formal environment. Once the meeting is over, the doughnut man meets the other half. In the end, all the employees end up enjoying the small break and paying attention to the changes.

From my point of view, the most important part is that they are informed and ready to provide the new details to their potential customers.

How to adapt to your clients’ necessities

There are several ideas to gain as much attention as possible, not to mention about doing it in a friendly and entertaining way.

  • Think about the way your clients’ companies actually work and function. From that point on, aim to adapt to their specific standards.
  • Sometimes, an unconventional idea is appropriate and actually works, so be open to new things.

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  1. What you are saying here is PERFECTLY CORRECT! I worked as a sales agent and I almost visualized myself! I never really paid attention to such situations from your point of view though! GG!

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