Four Common Myths In Search Engine Optimization

Four Common Myths In Search Engine Optimization

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Four Common Myths In Search Engine Optimization
Four Common Myths In Search Engine Optimization
Every webmaster knows that search engine optimization is a main necessity for every website. It represents an actual utility. With all these, plenty of newbies in this industry end up facing a lot of myths that prevent them from understanding the meaning and purpose of a proper optimization. So what are the most common myths in this industry? What is the truth behind them?

A high page rank is the only thing that matters

It is very important for a website to bring in some statistics related to the overall performance too. This way, webmasters can always figure out what works and what does not, only to adapt their search engine optimization campaign accordingly. The most popular keywords are the best ones. Everyone knows that. But then, no matter how popular a keyword is, it is supposed to match the website, its niche and its profile. From this point of view, black techniques that imply using specific keywords abusively will most likely lead to some penalties from search engines. Besides, readers will not really understand what you are trying to tell, so they will simply move on to a different website.

Search engine optimization is a one time operation

In my opinion, there is nothing worse than this myth. Search engine optimization is a constant and ongoing task, even for large corporations. Top websites can always lose their front running positions if they stop doing it. Furthermore, searching principles change on a regular basis, not to mention about the search engine algorithms and updates. This is why you need more than just a simple optimization. You have to do it once a week or at least once a month. Obviously, the frequency of such techniques varies from one project to another.

Search engine optimization is about tricking search engines

This may seem like a viable statement sometimes. However, when you want long term results, search engine optimization is not supposed to trick engines. Most engines want to provide their users with a unique experience and high quality content. These are the main criteria where through websites are displayed. If you opt for such a campaign, make sure that it is professional and you stay away from black hat techniques. It really makes no sense to stuff your pages with keywords, hidden texts, doorway pages or duplicate websites. While such ideas might seem successful right away, they can lead to severe penalties overtime.

Search engine optimization software does work

There are plenty of programs you will run into, yet none of them actually works at the ideal parameters. Furthermore, these are robots and not actual people. Therefore, they cannot understand subtle texts or ideas. They can never adapt to the continuous changes of search engines either. It is a lot easier to optimize a website with the target population in mind. Besides, the message must be adopted according to this target. On a different note, there are several search optimization tools that might be quite useful. I personally use a few of them on a regular basis.

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