General Rules In Sales – Always Be Available

General Rules In Sales – Always Be Available

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General Rules In Sales – Always Be Available
General Rules In Sales – Always Be Available

It is definitely very challenging to discuss with potential customers who simply cannot decide on the moment. You obviously want a quick confirmation, while they want to think about it some more. As a general rule of thumb, when someone tells you that they will think about it and let you know, they have already let you know about their decision. With all these, the thinking part and rhythm are more important than your actual program. It makes no difference how much time some people need to think about your proposal. When they are ready to act, they will.

It might be exasperating to spend your quality time raising some interest and staying in touch for long periods of time, only to realize that the client does not want to make business with you. This is because you were simply not available when they wanted to act.

Be available whenever your clients need you

Raffles is one of the top hotels of Singapore. The general manager has realized already that the position plays a very important role in the sales. Therefore, he constantly hands out his personal mobile phone number to a lot of people. Since this is an international business and it has clients coming from all over the world, such an idea seems to be a really bad one. However, you might be wrong. The manager gives out the number himself, only to properly appreciate the value and inconveniences associated with this method. If he does it correctly and mentions a brief description on when to be called, most clients will obviously not abuse this number. Of course, unexpected phone calls arise when least expected, whether it is day or night. But generally, the manager claims that such a tactic is extremely valuable and productive.

In my opinion, this method ensures a very convenient contact for clients. They do not get in touch with a random receptionist, but with the actual manager. Therefore, they appreciate it and they feel special about it. This rule applies to pretty much any kind of salespeople, whether they share their personal phone numbers or email addresses.

How to take your availability to the next level

Generally, there are a few simple tips and tricks to apply in order to become successful in sales and be there for your clients. I recommend training and studying yourself before figuring out what kind of changes to make.

  • Use any kind of modern technologies, such as mobile phones. Do not see it as a routine though. Instead, provide this phone number personally, as a special gesture for your clients.
  • Make yourself known as the individual who is always offering 110%.

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