Grammar Does Not Matter In Marketing, Does It?

Grammar Does Not Matter In Marketing, Does It?

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Grammar Does Not Matter In Marketing, Does It?
Grammar Does Not Matter In Marketing, Does It?
How important is grammar in the commercial for a specific product? According to David Ogilvy, it seems that grammar rules are irrelevant in marketing. However, I am pretty sure that he meant something else. If you take a look at his commercials, you will see that they are perfectly written. You can write tough, deep, funny and convincing texts, but without killing your language. But is this all? What if there is more? What if grammar is more important than that? Is it any worth? Are there enough people who are willing to pay for a flawless grammar?

When grammar kills companies that kill grammar

Years ago, I took a trip to a different country with a few friends. I had a fabulous Honda that I wanted to test drive over a long distance. One of my friends took her sister, who was only 8 years old. Before crossing the borders, I spotted a large banner advertising for a credit card company. Whether it was the actual company or the marketing team, the title was so bad that even the 8 years old kid noticed it. Grammar was simply killed.

I have no clue how that banner got in there. Perhaps the so called creative team has come up with two versions for the same title – a correct one and an incorrect one. Perhaps the experts have decided that the informal version was closer to the potential customers. Or maybe they had no clue how to make the difference. All in all, that banner has supported a lot of people who claim that “marketing are garbage”. Anyhow, this is not really my point.

While the self called creative community seemed happy with the amazing viral campaigns, the respective credit company was not doing so good. In fact, the company had huge losses back then. A simple peek over some recent statistics was more than enough to realize the painful truth.

There is no doubt that the marketing team kept dreaming about all kinds of elegant events and awards. Perhaps they have gotten them. I do not know. One thing I know is that the respective company is no longer operating. So how did this wanted mistake help? The answer is easy – it did not.

What to know before writing ads

Here are a few ideas to think about when writing your ads.

  • Since you can write simple questions in your marketing campaign, grammar should not be a problem in your content. Focus on expressing the concept in a clear manner and everything will be fine.
  • Grammar can never save a toxic brand. Therefore, ensure that your product is solid before worrying about verbs and tenses.

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