Help Your Customers Remember You

Help Your Customers Remember You

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Help Your Customers Remember You
Help Your Customers Remember You
A smartly designed business card is one of the most important tools in a sales agent’s portfolio. Some markets (such as Japan) bring in plasticised business cards that can be offered while the receiver is at the pool or other similar places. Some of them are translated on the back too. With all these, business cards can be more or less similar in design. Take a peek at the business cards you keep in your wallet, then look at yours. Does it stand up in the crowd? Generally speaking, a distinctive business card can seriously make the difference. Some companies provide personalized business cards with their employees’ pictures too. A portrait is usually more than enough, but a cartoon or a caricature can draw a lot of attention too.

Business cards that can help you make a good first impression

I have met a manager who always offers two business cards. They are printed on unusually shaped pieces of carton. They are slightly curved, like an optical illusion. When one business card is placed above the other one on a table, the upper one looks larger. But when they are placed one on top of the other, they are identical in size. There are no significations associated with this idea though, only it is funny and easy to remember.

I have received a different business card once. It was 6 centimetres in length and 4 centimetres in width. The front side had a picture and an invitation to call. There was nothing else on it. As I turned it around, the message hit me like a stone.

”The absence of your orders is responsible for the small size of this business card.”

This idea may not necessarily be appropriate for everyone. But then, it might be worth having more business cards in different designs.

Drawing some attention with your business cards

There are several ideas to make a good first impression, so feel free to apply them right away.

  • Revise every standard imprinted material on a regular basis. Keep in mind that such materials are not fixed, so they can be changed.
  • Spot the best formats for you and your potential customers.

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