How To Earn Your Customers' Respect And Appreciation

How To Earn Your Customers’ Respect And Appreciation

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How To Earn Your Customers' Respect And Appreciation
How To Earn Your Customers’ Respect And Appreciation

There is a way higher chance for a client to gain confidence in you, listen to your advice and buy from you if they remark your professionalism. Sometimes, the way you treat people is the factor that rises respect. You do not necessarily need an inherent technique to make the difference. From this point of view, sales and service domains are tightly connected, especially if you run a specific service. Provide flawless services and the sales process will automatically become easier.

How I was naturally convinced by someone’s professionalism

I have recently noticed this kind of attitude at a Marriott hotel. I have spent two weeks in the hotel. When I got in, a young lady in an elegant uniform has handled all the paperwork in a quick and efficient manner while I was invited to take a seat. A few minutes later, I was led to my room. The lady who handled me did it in a very charming manner. Two weeks later, when I went down to complete the departure paperwork, the same lady got closer to me and offered to help. I told her that I was about to leave. She said that she will handle all the formal aspects. She double checked with me and told me the room number, as well as my name.

I was simply amazed by her good memory. I asked her how many rooms the hotel has and she replied that there were nearly five hundred of them. I inquired if she tends to remember every client’s room number and name. She smiled and gave me a positive answer. She was quite happy about having this ability, so I changed my opinion almost instantly.

In other words, she has done her job. She did take care of me as a customer in a slightly different way. I have been in plenty of hotels, yet I have never been treated like that. There are no doubts that this young lady represents one of the reasons wherefore customers return to this hotel, even if she has nothing to do with the sales.

The conclusion

In the end, keep in mind that sales and service domains tend to overlap each other. Never neglect to observe and use the service aspects as a starting point for successful sales. If you can do it in a charming way too, you will soon observe the positive changes.

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