How To Increase Dopamine And Boost Your Mood

How To Increase Dopamine And Boost Your Mood

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How To Increase Dopamine And Boost Your Mood
How To Increase Dopamine And Boost Your Mood

Known as one of the most important neurotransmitters in the human body, dopamine is responsible for the mood, as well as the pleasure. It has multiple roles though, as it also keeps the emotional response under control. Not only it helps in identifying rewards, but it drives people to take action too. Dopamine is a main necessity or the focus, as well as the motivation. In other words, there are no reasons to overlook its importance. Instead, everyone should try their best to actually increase it. But then, how do you increase the levels of dopamine?

Check listing insignificant tasks

Dopamine is naturally increased when you finish tasks on time by organizing yourself. It makes no difference if you complete a difficult task or an insignificant one. Just try to remember one of those days when you got plenty of stuff on your mind – cleaning, shopping, sending some emails, reading, watching a show, cooking and so on. The more of them you complete, the happier you feel. Once you are done with a task, check it off your list. Even if you can actually remember these tasks, write them down for a more positive effect.


The benefits of physical activity are not worth being mentioned. Everyone knows them. But then, exercising will not just improve your looks and health. It will not only kill fat or relieve stress. Instead, physical activity increases dopamine levels too. Other neurotransmitters benefit from such activities as well – endorphins and serotonin. You do not need to exhaust yourself, but just perform some basic exercises.

Increasing tyrosine

Tyrosine is one of the natural chemicals that make up dopamine. Work on the tyrosine and you will inevitably boost the dopamine. For this change, you will need to adopt specific foods and drinks into your diet – almonds, bananas, coffee, green tea, avocados, chocolate and watermelons. Most of them are highly enjoyable, so you will not have to make any sacrifices or eat something that you dislike.


The benefits of meditation are similar to the benefits of physical activity. Just like the physical activity will mostly work on your body, the meditation will help your mind. Whether you overthink or feel pressured by something in particular, Buddhists have revealed the fact that meditation is essential for your mindfulness. Self-reflection is similar and also works on the dopamine levels.


You need a healthy body if you want a healthy mind. The symptoms associated with everyday toxins may not be obvious right away, but they seriously work on your immune system, as well as the dopamine secretion. Randomly detoxify yourself every once in a while – get plenty of sleep, avoid sugars and fat foods. Also, try to get fermented food sometimes.


Although there are plenty of ways to increase dopamine, do not overlook supplements. Try to get natural supplements in order to avoid adverse reactions. Some of the most popular supplements are based on curcomin, acetyl-l-tyrosine, l-theanine an ginkgo biloba. Any of them will positively affect the levels of dopamine.

Playing some music

Not sure how to increase dopamine naturally? Music might be the key. Put your favourite song on and you will be shaking in no time. You will feel the music boosting your mood, increasing your motivation and making you feel good. Music has been scientifically proven to increase dopamine naturally. It has pretty much the same effect as enjoying your favourite food. Therefore, when not in the mood, just put some music on and enjoy the show.

Hitting a streak

Hitting a streak is just like check listing. This is about quitting an unhealthy habit or perhaps starting a healthy one. Anyhow, it represents a great idea to increase dopamine naturally. Get a small calendar and use it for this purpose only. Write the goal on it, as well as the starting day. From exercising and doing plans to brainstorming and meditating, anything might work. As long as the streak keeps going, dopamine will keep coming too.

Creating something

If you work in an industry that implies creating something, you know how deeply focused you become when in a creative mode. This is when you obtain a flow. Without dopamine, you may not be able to get there. Keep in mind that you do not necessarily need to do something related to work. Instead, focus on a hobby or perhaps something new – photography, automotive repairs, crafts or other exciting things.

Avoiding addictions

People get addicted to one thing or another because they get an instant shot of happiness – sex, drugs, alcohol, shopping, gambling and so on. While the results are fine in the short run, they go in the opposite direction in the long run. The more addicted you become, the more you crave for a quick hit. Such things will affect your state of happiness. Without the dose – be it a cake or a cigarette, chances are you will feel miserable.

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