How To Make A First Favourable And Good Impression In Business

How To Make A First Favourable And Good Impression In Business

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How To Make A First Favourable And Good Impression In Business
How To Make A First Favourable And Good Impression In Business

There are no doubts that you only have one shot to make a good first impression. Perhaps this is a cliché, but it is perfectly true too. In the sales industry, this rule goes a little further – the first impression is the one that actually lasts. From most points of view, the selling process becomes a lot easier if the first impression determines positive thoughts and conclusions. Potential customers should feel confident in the upcoming collaboration and actually enjoy it, only to ask themselves what is next.

Sometimes, making a good first impression is piece of cake if the sales individual has a natural talent for it. In several situations, the impression is given by the entire company. Most rarely, the first impression leads to an extraordinary success.

The international construction tool manufacturer JCB can definitely impress its customers when they first step into the factory from the United Kingdom, especially when it comes to foreigners. Most equipments are activated for various demonstrations, so the visitors are pleasantly impressed.

Try to picture a different scenario. Whenever I travel, all I can think about is the inconvenience associated with it. Whether I travel for a vacation or with business purposes, I do plan to spend a lot of quality time. But I inevitably imagine the typical discomfort associated with this trip – crowded planes, local traffic and so on. Although it has never happened to me, I keep thinking what would happen if someone would wait for me at my destination.

Not every company may afford picking you up with a fancy helicopter in order to take you to the headquarters. The situation may also be slightly different. But the general idea is simple – every small detail can make a perfect impression at a first contact. Such details are worth the effort. They help the business representatives prepare the frame for the next meeting. A fancy helicopter might be an exaggerated example because it is not always necessary. However, it can provide potential customers with some extra services and comfort.

Impressing your business partners from the first meeting

There are a few basic ideas that can be customized according to your business profile. While you might need to exercise in order to succeed, pushing your limits will help you make a very good impression.

  • Try to provide a real service instead of a precious, yet useless one. After all, business is not about who has the most precious service, but about who can improve the customers’ rate of satisfaction.
  • Make sure that you have a management team for such processes. It is supposed to take such things into consideration and double checks the expenses associated with them.

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