How To Make It To The Press – Starting At A Lower Scale

How To Make It To The Press – Starting At A Lower Scale

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How To Make It To The Press – Starting At A Lower Scale
How To Make It To The Press – Starting At A Lower Scale
You do not have to be an expert to realize that national television channels and newspapers are very hard to access. Besides, they are bombed with all kinds of press releases. Most of them are worthless though. On a different note, the local press is a lot easier to approach.

When it comes to business related commerce, small professional magazines are also more accessible because they can be specialized and might benefit from fewer informative sources.

Reasons to operate at a lower scale

Jason Calacanis – the Silicon Alley Reporter founder – has realized that the press was not really too interested in his company or himself. Therefore, he recommends collaborating with the press at a lower scale, rather than focusing on the highest audience. I believe that such an idea will take you wherever you want to get, but in a slower and more successful manner.

Placing a press release is a lot easier and more probably in the press with a limited audience. Such firms have more time for you. Besides, a lot of press giants often browse smaller newspapers or magazines when interested in new topics. In other words, your news has a fairly big chance to reach to them anyway.

Moreover, local magazines and newspapers have the primary purpose to spread local news. They focus on topics and events with a human dimension, so having your news accepted is very probable. These firms have fewer informative sources, not to mention about the amount of press releases.

Jason Calacanis also recommends consulting or frequenting blogs, as well as actively participating on them. Sooner or later, journalists will want to find out who you are.

How to reach the press at a low scale

Reaching to the press is quite simple if you respect a few unwritten rules.

  • Carefully choose the targeted press.
  • Keep in mind that national press might take over your press release, so always be ready to react accordingly.
  • Small specialized magazines are based on the relationship with the industry, so get ready to answer a lot of questions.

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