How To Negotiate In Different Countries

How To Negotiate In Different Countries

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How To Negotiate In Different Countries
How To Negotiate In Different Countries
A proper behaviour in a particular country can be completely inappropriate in a different country. Therefore, it does pay off to learn about particular habits of various countries, only to make more informed decisions.

How to negotiate in Germany and Italy

In Germany, negotiations are held during the regular working hours. In Italy, people negotiate during lunch or dinner too. People in Italy are more emotive though, while the Germans are strict and go straight to the point. Inviting the opponent over is just a common. Germans might seem a little cold, but they are extremely polite. Italians focus on finding more about their opponents, so they will start with some artificial questions regarding the opponent’s family or preferences.

How to negotiate in France

In France, businesspeople draw a very thick line between family and business. I recommend avoiding personal questions. Kindness and diplomacy are essential though. Small details will work a very long way too.

How to negotiate in Spain

The Spanish become friendly very fast. Despite this friendliness, the Spanish are very strict when it comes to costs, prices and conditions. Your arguments must be very clear. The less punctual your opponent is, the higher their social prestige is too.

How to negotiate in Japan

Bowing your eyes is a sign of respect. Gestures should not announce any intentions, fears or ideas. Other than that, most negotiations are oriented toward long term collaborations.

How to negotiate in Thailand

The Thai find it very disrespectful to show you shoe tips in front of the opponent, so be very subtle.

In order to become familiar with such differences and particularities, educate yourself on the local culture, lifestyle and traditions.

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