How To Spend Time In Order To Save Time

How To Spend Time In Order To Save Time

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How To Spend Time In Order To Save Time
How To Spend Time In Order To Save Time

You might be surprised to find out that some time management methods actually require an initial time investment. It sounds like a paradox to spend time in order to save time. However, this principle is very clear. Ignoring it might become a real block in your business.

There are numerous methods to ensure that your time is properly used. While some methods only require a few seconds, many others ask for plenty of time. Besides, some managers may also require some extra time in order to work in a different manner. Delegating tasks is usually a good starting point. You have probably thought about it already. In your opinion, some things require less time if you do them yourself. In 80% of the cases, the feeling is correct. But be very careful because all these things lose their availability if something intervenes. What if the phone rings? What if someone asks for some information? What if you require an hour or two to find the information? There are cases when such an interruption simply does not take more than 5 minutes.

In order to avoid this task, you will obviously think about asking someone else to do it. Your employees can clearly understand what they have to do and they may actually handle this responsibility in no time. But in order to explain everything to them, you might end up spending 15 minutes. Both you and your designated worker will waste 15 minutes. In such a case, it is obvious that doing it yourself is faster.

However, when some tasks show up regularly, things change. Maybe someone asks for information on a daily basis. If you spend some time to instruct someone on where to search and what to do step by step, you will save time in the long run. You can forget about wasting 5 minutes everyday. Instead, you can waste 15 minutes today and save 20 minutes during the first week.

The time equation is expressed like a rapport between saving time and investing time. The results will most likely be very positive. This principle can be applied in every business in order to save resources. I gave this example with a 5 minute task only, but think about the time you might save if you ever have to handle complex responsibilities that take hours or even days.

Meditate and accumulate in order to spend and save time

Everyone falls into this trap sometimes. I actually do it every once in a while and I never seem to learn. For any random reason, you might find it possible or even better to stop from what you are doing in order to handle a different task that barely takes a few minutes. It looks like you actually save time and accomplish a task, but you actually overcrowd yourself and lose your efficiency.

Besides, it is definitely worth to think twice. Never let yourself clogged in this time consuming trap and you will soon find out the optimal way to properly manage your time.

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