How To Tell If You Actually Waste Your Time

How To Tell If You Actually Waste Your Time

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How To Tell If You Actually Waste Your Time
How To Tell If You Actually Waste Your Time

Absolutely any kind of improvement to your time management means that you already know how to properly allocate your working time. However, most people are unable to provide a precise answer. Instead, they have to actually check their calendar entries and figure out when they have some free time.

There are normally two methods to tell if you waste your time. The first one is actually an estimation. It works with multiple assumptions. Some people use various percentages or they come up with a radial diagram. You have to choose the main activities that define your working time, then split the respective diagram into more segments.

  • Writing
  • Making phone calls
  • Meetings
  • Planning

Of course, the diagram must be customized with your needs in mind. In my case, the diagram might include writing activities for the projects I am responsible for, blogging for my personal projects and free time.

The second method implies bringing in a working time journal, which can provide a very clear overall image of your daily activities. Write down everything in an aerated way for at least a week. It only takes a few seconds to introduce a new entry, but you have to be very accurate. Unsurprisingly, you waste a lot of time with worthless activities that you have never even thought about. In a few cases, you might observe that specific activities take a lot less than what you have always assumed. In the end, you will learn how to spot the factors that must be revised for extra effectiveness at work.

How to avoid wasting time at work

There are a few simple ideas to help you organize your time in a more effective manner. Applying them is piece of cake and does not even require too much time.

A circular diagram can help you plan everything in small details. You will obtain a very clear image of your daily goals, not to mention about long term objectives.
All these time management tips will provide a real goal, in case you do not have any. With time, you will realize that you are on the right way. It becomes fairly simple to determine if you can actually change things or you need to focus on improving specific aspects.

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