How To Write The Perfect Title For Your Articles

How To Write The Perfect Title For Your Articles

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How To Write The Perfect Title For Your Articles
How To Write The Perfect Title For Your Articles

Being a copywriter is impossible if you have no clue about the human nature. In fact, you might be a decent copywriter if you are satisfied with basic texts.

“Since you are a returning customer, we have the pleasure to announce you that we have updated the website layout.”

Assuming that you do not go into this category, you are probably curious what makes people startle. Generally, you have probably figured out already that people have the natural tendency to be selfish. I have found this tendency in a lot of different domains, so this one makes no exception either. This means that they want to know why they should follow your advice and recommendations. So what is their part? Believe it or not, an inappropriate title can make your work extremely complicated and ineffective.

It is definitely worth aiming at the consumer’s interests when you try to sell something. A lot of copywriters begin their venture by making people feel motivated. They describe a common problem or they simply express a difficult, yet common situation. But with all these, people are not that easy to motivate. All you can do implies identifying the motivation and referring to it later.

From this point of view, it might be a good idea to write the title assuming that you already have an audience for it, so address to it by using the already existing motivation. In other words, you have to take advantage of the personal interests of your audience. John Caples is currently one of the best copywriters of all times and a perfect role model for everyone out there. One day, he wrote a simple title for a life insurance company.

“To Those Who Might Want To Retire Someday”

Imagine this title with the picture of an old man fishing in the middle of a lake with a big smile on his face and his eyes pointing at you. The title is perfectly matching the picture and claims that you should keep reading if you do not want any concerns or worries when you get retired. This is actually the main purpose of a title. From that point on, the content is supposed to raise to the expectations and win the competition.

The reader is interested in plenty of different things and each of them has something to do with their mood. Some of these things include the free time, health, social status, financial situation, popularity, mortgage payments and many others. Therefore, you need to find the right method in order to focus on the right motivation in the title and your mission is accomplished – the reader will no longer ignore your message.

Getting over the reader’s self interest

The first sketch for your title is very easy to design. If you would find yourself in the situation to prevent your reader from getting on a train, what would you say? There is just no better idea to train yourself on finding the right words.

Second, think about all the methods to have your reader benefit from your product. Classify them according to the impact they have and choose the right solution for your title.

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