Identifying The Main Decision Factor In Sales

Identifying The Main Decision Factor In Sales

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Identifying The Main Decision Factor In Sales
Identifying The Main Decision Factor In Sales
Every technique in sales must be directed toward the decision factor. It is crucial to identify the right person to discuss to, as well as their role. Sometimes, the individual you talk to might be instructed to react in a specific manner, regardless of your offer. All in all, if you feel like there are more people who can make decisions, you need to establish some connections and perhaps come up with a few meetings.

A smart idea in involving all decision factors

It is said that the most important thing in selling a car implies convincing a potential client to take a seat behind the steering wheel. The second most important thing implies convincing them to take the car for a test drive. So far, so good. But what happens when you are about to sell a family car and only one of the partners shows up? It is hard to tell who plays the most important role in making decisions. It might be him, but maybe it is her.

Once you get the customer to take a test drive, make sure that you organize the drive so that you get close to where they live. This part should be left at the end. As the drive reaches to an end, it might be a good idea to slip in the big question.

”How would you like if your partner could take a look too?”

This way, you come up with a second meeting during the initial one. Unsurprisingly, the agent benefits from the presence of both partners. The next step – the transaction – targets both of them anyway. If everything goes according to your plan, the test drive has probably made a good impression already. From this point on, parking the car in front of the potential customer’s house can easily stimulate their imagination.

I believe his is an innovative answer to involving all the decision factors. Obviously, different industries ask for different techniques.

Involving decision factors in your techniques

So how do you identify and involve all the decision factors in a meeting?

  • Always try to identify the person responsible for the major decisions. Keep in mind that you might have to deal with more than just one individual.
  • Ensure that your approach is adequate and specific for all the involved parts.

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