Losing The Ego In Sales Will Work A Very Long Way

Losing The Ego In Sales Will Work A Very Long Way

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Losing The Ego In Sales Will Work A Very Long Way
Losing The Ego In Sales Will Work A Very Long Way
There are no doubts that getting an order is a lot more important than getting some approbations, lauds, compliments and other gestures of personal implication. This rule applies in numerous industries.

When sales go farther than personal skills

I realized the importance of selling while practising in a small consultancy firm. A specific potential project was in a crucial phase. The firm was asked for extra information. Several meetings occurred too, while the firm also sent a written proposal. Everything seemed to be fine. The consultancy naturally assumed that a confirmation was imminent. He did, indeed, get a fast answer, but it was negative.

In many sales related activities, the next step implies trying to find out why the company has not gotten the contract. If you can do it, the information will be extremely useful in the future ventures. The reasons can be widely diversified and may include costs, synchronisation or even the comparison with a different service and a lower cost.

Sometimes, such a discovery can seriously change the outcome by turning a negative outcome into a positive one. The consultant has contacted the potential client and asked to discuss about the factor that caused the rejection. He was not too friendly though. He got a lot of unusual answers and parameters. None of them seemed to be real though. At the end of this enumeration of random reasons, the consultant has concluded.

”I think I know what the real problem is. You do not like me.”

The chat was interrupted by a few seconds of silence. Then, the potential client has agreed. Most clients do not like to admit such things unless they are asked about them. The consultant has identified the cause, but he has also managed to turn the situation around. He convinced the client to meet a young lady working for the same consultancy firm instead, only to discuss the terms one more time. This time, it worked.

Overcoming feelings and succeeding in sales

So how can you turn things in your favour? What should you know about human relations?

  • People will never like each other in the same manner.
  • The principle of identifying the reasons behind a rejection is very useful in the long run.
  • Come up with an objective evaluation of your situation.

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