Old, Yet New & Stupid Advertising Mistakes

Old, Yet New & Stupid Advertising Mistakes

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Old, Yet New & Stupid Advertising Mistakes
Old, Yet New & Stupid Advertising Mistakes
You will not believe what happened after he saw her! What happened later will shock you! What this kid did tore the world! Everyone thought she was perfect until they saw her from behind! What this cute lady does will simply make you drool!

Are you familiar with these types of titles? So am I. They are everywhere today. The worst part is that you can even find them on portals or news websites that you had a good impression about. They belong to prestigious companies and corporations. They are world renowned, so they have a huge traffic and reader database anyway. Then why would they abase with such titles? Where is the catch?

Share to unlock video suspicions

Most commonly, such websites are shady enough to chase you away. These are those types of websites that are entirely covered in ads too, so they slow down your browsing experience and perhaps give you a few malicious scripts as well. I did not know there are still a lot of webmasters out there who expect to go rich with such techniques.

While this is not a general rule, most of them have unusual domain names too. They integrate the domain extension into the actual name – cak.es might be a good example, although I am not sure if this website actually exists.

There are no brands mentioned in the domain name. Instead, once you reach to these websites, you end up with all kinds of so called attractive titles that are meant to make you curious. They might have worked five years ago, but I no longer click on titles that stir the world, since most of the articles are worthless and nothing spectacular is written about.

The actual trick

Sometimes, these portals claim that particular video sharing websites do not allow them to embed the videos, so you need to click the like or share button in order to unlock the news or video. In other cases, you find an applet that looks like an embed video. You click on it and nothing happens. You click again and it starts playing. The trick is in the first click. What you are seeing is not an applet, but a screenshot of it. Clicking on the play button will automatically like a page or share a link over a social network. Only then the actual applet shows up. Since the initial picture is identical, you cannot even tell the difference. Therefore, double check your activity journal on social networks if you ever choose to support such marketing techniques.

In nine out of ten cases, you can scroll the mouse over the “applet”, as well as the video sharing portal name or the play button. If the applet is real, they usually change their colours when scrolled over. If they do not, you will probably get tricked.

What I do

I would never share or like a link before actually seeing it. Besides, I rarely share stuff over social networks anyway. Therefore, if I truly want to see a video, I just search for its keywords over search engines or video sharing websites. If I cannot find any results, it is probably a fake title and a dumb article. I always resist the temptation because I find these techniques to be quite idiotic.

Believe it or not…

There are also a few plugins for WordPress that allow you to implement these solutions. In my opinion, such techniques will give you a few visitors, indeed. But those are just curious people who will be disappointed with the result. They will never return. Even if they do not care about these things, they are still not going to return, unless they run into someone else’s shared post.

On the other hand, people who care about these things will never click on your stuff, share it or return to your website. They will remember it and avoid it. Therefore, make sure that you use your ads smartly.

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