Organize A Marketing Trick In Public Relations

Organize A Marketing Trick In Public Relations

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Organize A Marketing Trick In Public Relations
Organize A Marketing Trick In Public Relations
The history of public relations has always been enriched with all kinds of marketing tips and tricks. The main purpose of such a trick is to reach to people and spread. As a general rule of thumb, the best ideas refer to the actual product. They should also be creative and draw some attention. In other words, they must be spectacular.

Furthermore, such tricks must be embraced by the targeted audience. Some of them are unacceptable or even offending. Some others go even further and overcome the legal limits. For example, a beverage manufacturer has hired a team of graffiti artists to draw its logo on numerous buildings in London. All in all, the general idea is simple. In order to find the right trick, you have to combine good taste and a powerful impact. Some companies can do it, while others cannot.

How to introduce something new to public relations

A classic trick in public relations implied directing a fight between the main singer of a popular band and someone from the crowd due to the Pimm’s recipe. The PR specialist who organized this trick has paid both of them to come up with a fight while the press was watching. Obviously, the trick has made it to the first page and has generated plenty of oral publicity at a very low cost.

Directing a fight between a star and a fan can work if the celebrity agrees to it and it can match their personality and style. The targeted audience has found this happening to be both shocking and fascinating. The respective product has gained in popularity too, especially since it was associated with the general idea that it is worth fighting for.

In my opinion, it really makes no difference if people find out that the entire show was planned later on. Whether it happens a few months later or a couple of years later, most people are used to such things anyway.

How to come up with a trick in public relations

There are numerous ideas to come up with a decent trick in this industry.

  • Make sure that your trick is legal.
  • Keep in mind that the trick must match the image, style and personality of those who are involved.
  • Make sure that you do not annoy the journalists because they do not always appreciate being taken for fools.

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