Personal Experience – When, How, Why & Why Not Buy Facebook Likes

Personal Experience – When, How, Why & Why Not Buy Facebook Likes

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Personal Experience – When, How, Why & Why Not Buy Facebook Likes
Personal Experience – When, How, Why & Why Not Buy Facebook Likes

Everyone likes to spend money in December and I make no exception either. This time, I tried to see how efficient likes on Facebook can get. You have probably seen already a lot of ads from various services that sell thousands of likes, followers and fans in no time. This is a personal experience, so I will begin with the conclusion. Seoclerks.Com has a great customer service, while some of the SEO providers on the portal are worthless. So what did I do?

Getting Facebook likes in the easy manner

Most people who sell Facebook likes claim them to be from all over the world. Most of the likes I purchased were from South America, but I got a lot from Turkey too. I launched three pages over Facebook and ordered likes for two of them. I reached to Seoclerks.Com. This portal connects SEO providers and customers from all over the world. It has anything you can think of.

I ordered 16,000 likes for one of those pages. I purchased them from three different sellers. I spend around $20 on them. I also ordered 30,000 likes for another page. I got them all from the same seller. I spent $24 on them. Different providers have different prices. For the first page, I noticed that likes were dropping with about 2% on a daily basis. For the second one, things got even worse.

The seller had 10,000 like packages only, so I ordered the same package three times. It was $8. First time, I got 10,400 likes. He gave me more because he knew that they would drop. He actually advertised for 2% extra likes, but he also offered a lifetime warranty. I wonder why. The second order got me to 20,800 likes. Each of these orders was completed within 3 days. The real problems occurred with the third order. I guess he was running out of accounts or scripts because he began adding likes, then he started taking them back. He probably failed to keep adding, so he thought to unlike the page and just add all those likes back. I lost all the previous 20,000 likes in a day.

I messaged the provider to tell him that he took back those likes and that he should add them back. He gave me a lot of apologies and blamed it on Facebook. I assumed that his accounts got deleted because the likes for the previous page were all in place, yet still dropping. Later on, the provider messaged me again saying that I should cancel the order and get the $8 back. I said that I would, but not before getting the first 20,000 likes back. I spent $16 on them and they were all gone. He kept promising this and that, but he also kept blaming Facebook and promising me the world. In the end, he stopped replying to me.

Getting in touch with Seoclerks.Com

I got in touch with Seoclerks.Com and explained the problem in small details. I got replied pretty fast, which was amazing, especially since everyone seems to be away around the end of December. The customer service representative asked me about the order numbers, as well as a few details. I gave out all the required information. I must say that I was not too confident. Since the previous two orders were already gone, I did not expect to get my money back. I also failed to take some screenshots of the provider’s ad, which claimed a lifetime warranty. Meanwhile, he had all those services deleted, so I had no proof.

Surprisingly enough for me, the Seoclerks.Com representative reopened the previous orders and gave me the opportunity to cancel them manually. I ended up with the $24 in the account, but I found no way to withdraw the money. The portal does have a withdrawal option, but only for the money that you make by providing services. Anyway, I asked how I could get the money back and the representative refunded the three payments in no time.

In conclusion, Seoclerks.Com is a great service. This is the kind of service you want to deal with. Moreover, this portal has plenty of SEO related services. Some of them are actually useful, but many others are worthless. Try to anticipate what might happen before placing an order.

Why buying likes will never work

When you buy likes, you buy some scripts or fake accounts that like your page. This is it. The owner can take back the likes in no time. The respective accounts are also deleted regularly. Even if you do not lose the likes right away, you will end up with a disappointment overtime. Losing 2% or more on a daily basis will obviously lead to a waste of money. Buying likes is, indeed, a good option if you launch a new page and you expect the organic likes to grow like crazy anyway. They bring in a feeling of confidence to your potential fans. After all, it is one thing to see a page with 500 likes and a different thing to see a page with 30,000 likes. If you do not expect such a massive organic growth, do not even bother to invest in such services. Those likes do add to your credibility, but they cannot be converted into potential customers.

How about like for like portals?

In the attempt to complete this experience, I tried to find a way to keep those likes going. I am talking about the 16,000 likes I purchased for the first page. You will run into a lot of portals providing likes for likes. Basically, you like other people’s pages and you gain credits. You can then spend those credits on others to like your page. This idea might keep the previously purchased likes under control if you are willing to like dozens of even hundreds of pages everyday. But then, you take a few major risks.

First of all, you risk getting blocked by Facebook. While you can still use your account, liking too many pages over a very short period of time will block you from liking other pages. You should leave quite a decent amount of seconds between two consecutive likes. Second, most people try to prevent this problem by unliking the pages they like. Basically, they like pages and gain credits. Then, they go to the activity log in Facebook and unlike everything. The portal used for this exchange cannot detect this move. In other words, this idea might represent a waste of time too.

In order to get an idea about the results, I got about 3,500 likes in this manner, but only 1,200 of them still show up. The others were cancelled, so the result is pretty bad.

In the end…

In conclusion, I do recommend Seoclerks.Com for some SEO work. You can find a lot of cheap providers that might offer a very high quality, yet it is up to you to do your homework. Take screenshots, analyse them, their reviews and past work. The customer service is brilliant. If every customer service would be like that, the world would be a better place.

As a second conclusion, I do not recommend buying likes under most circumstances. Unless you expect them to grow naturally right away, do not even think about throwing money off the window. Otherwise, you are just wasting money. Like for like portals are not so good either. They might be decent if you run a simple page and you are content with a few thousand likes, yet you have to like pages day by day. Plus, you take a few risks too.

Focus on organic growth instead. Organic growth also ensures that people who like your page can be taken for potential customers and not just some random individuals who put quantity before quality.

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