Top 3 Best Psychic Platforms Reviewed By

Online psychic reading sites can be a bit confusing to those who rely on psychics. People naturally imagine that an accurate reading involves being face to face with the psychic – just a misconception. Both you and your psychic must have a vibe in order to benefit from an accurate reading, whether it is face to face, by phone, email or live chat.

On the other hand, it might feel difficult to be able to make a decision over long distance readings. You find more peace of mind when you get there in person and you connect with the psychic. Plus, a face to face meeting will also give you a feeling about it – is this the right psychic for you? When you do it over long distance, it might feel a bit more difficult.

Just like any other online service, online psychics must be researched before making a final decision. You need to know precisely what you are getting into, what kind of psychic you are about to talk to and ensure they can match your personal needs. The professionals at have compiled a list with the best rated services over the Internet, phone and email.

Whether you are after a medium, a tarot reader or someone to provide direct readings based on the vibe they get, these websites bring in some of the most respected psychics in this industry. Obviously, what works for some people will not work for everyone else – read on to find out what to expect from each of them, what kind of psychics you will meet and what type of services they provide.


Providing spiritual guidance since 1999, Kasamba has helped more than three million people over long distance psychic readings. Users can opt for a reading by phone, email or live chat – there is always someone there, so the service is available on a 24/7 basis.

The website is intuitive and well put together – easy to browse by both experienced people and newcomers. On the same note, people have the option to try out the service before actually paying for it, as it provides a three minute reading for free.

Of course, there are more psychics available for readings and each of them has their own profile. There are different specializations out there, so it is worth looking around to find someone suitable for what you need. You can also see who is online, check their profile and make a decision on the spot.

Setting up an account is piece of cake. Do it first or simply find a psychic and click to chat with them – you will be asked to register. You can also add a few different payment options – PayPal is also accepted, apart from most cards.

Not every random service will suit particular people, hence the importance of understanding the type or services provided by Kasamba. There are eight main categories and each of them is split into smaller subcategories to help people find the exact service they require.

Psychic readings are the most common requirements and can involve aura readings or crystal readings, among many others. Love readings can provide relationship guidance – the service is gay friendly. Tarot card readings and fortune telling are available as well – over 200 psychics specialized in fortune telling.

Ever wondered what your mind is trying to tell you when you have certain dreams? You can get someone to interpret your dreams too, while astrology readings go in two different directions – Chinese astrology and Vedic astrology. Finally, do not overlook career readings either.

Now, apart from these main categories, there are a bunch of smaller side options too, such as palm readings, numerology, past life readings, picture readings, new age spirituality and religion related services, among many others.

The three minute free trial applies to every psychic. Psychic reading can be a challenging experience for many, as they are supposed to share private and intimate details. This is why you need to feel a connection with the psychic – three minutes are more than enough to establish this vibe.

Apart from the free trial, new customers will also gain access to a special offer involving 50% off the first reading. The portal allows you to choose who you want to talk to – lots of options, so take your time and do not settle for the first psychic you get in touch with.

Kasamba is available over its official website, yet you can also download the application. It is free to download and carries the exact same features as the website – the only difference is that it might feel easier to browser. Plus, it has push notifications, which are quite convenient.

All in all, Kasamba sounds like a great experience, functioning as a psychic directory where every professional is thoroughly screened. However, nothing is perfect and this website makes no exception either.

Kasamba does not offer video calls and readings. At the same time, the search function will be a bit confusing because there are not so many criteria to select. In other words, it will take a while to find someone who you can vibe with.

Psychic Source

Just like Kasamba, Psychic Source provides access to an impressive directory of psychics. It is not a small team of people, but a directory where psychics can join, get well screened upfront and listed after – a system based on reviews and ratings.

In other words, you can easily find the best rated psychic in the category you are interested in, based on ratings from previous customers. You can opt for chat, phone and video readings, yet not every psychic will provide access to all of these options.

It is highly recommended to research psychics before making a decision. You have to become familiar with their counseling background and ensure they can do what you are after – pretty much what you do for any other product or service.

Since you might find it difficult to make a decision based on reviews and a profile, Psychic Source provides access to a free trial. The first three minutes are given for free, regardless of who you choose for your reading.

Other than that, Psychic Source rates vary widely. Each psychic will charge whatever they consider they are worth – some of them go for as low as $1 a minute. Obviously, the better rated ones will charge a bit more. Special offer packages are also available.

Services are quite diversified and cover multiple aspects in the industry. For example, you can find psychics interpreting the horoscope for you, as well as psychics providing astrology and tarot card readings.

Services go further than that and may involve relationship and love guidance, spiritual readings and particular predictions. You have more categories to guide your search by, as well as detailed psychic profiles.

Whether or not this is the first time you rely on online psychic readings, chances are you will get a feel of the website straight away. The interface is straightforward and will not leave any room for mistakes – clear buttons and easy operation.

While getting lost is impossible, finding the best psychic for your needs may take a while. There are loads of options out there – some of them being more expensive than others. You want good value for money and excellent ratings.

At the same time, it is essential to find a psychic who is specialized in what you need, whether you are after career advice, love and relationship guidance or you simply need to understand what certain dreams mean.

Psychic Source has its own application as well. It is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. Users will have the exact same options, with the only difference that the application provides push notifications too.

The appointment system is worth some appreciation too. Go to the search function and there will be lots of options to choose from. Profiles are complete and come with a little calendar, where you can make bookings in real time.

Last, but not least, it is worth mentioning that while Psychic Source is open to anyone – regardless of their location, it has been initially aimed at the North American market. Therefore, it has both English and Spanish speaking psychics.

Keen Psychic

Keen Psychic completes the top psychics websites in the ranking. Just like Kasamba and Psychic Source, it brings together millions of customers and hundreds of psychics with different specializations.

Psychics are consistently accepted over the website, but they must undergo strict verifications. Their specializations and experience are thoroughly analyzed before being allowed to practice over Keen Psychic.

The platform has been around for over two decades and account registration is free. You do not have to provide too many details. However, as you get in touch with psychics, you will need to pay for their service.

Users can browse the psychic category and sort professionals by more criteria. You can adjust your results by price or customer ratings, but also make sure you know upfront what you are after – the optimal specialization.

The search can be overwhelming, but it is totally worth it. There are lots of options and many services may seem relatively similar – great reviews and the right specialization. Sometimes, you just have to trust your instinct.

Profiles are complete and provide multiple details – some of them will also provide access to a video message from the psychic or perhaps a recording, so you can play it and determine whether or not you feel a vibe.

While Keep Psychic operates on a 24/7 basis, it is worth noting that different psychics have different working hours – besides, you need to count the appointments with other users as well. You can use the live chat or have a phone call.

Classic psychic readings represent the most popular choices out there. They will provide an insight into your life and rates vary widely from one expert to another, so you can also find budget friendly psychics with good overall ratings.

Other choices include astrology readings, psychic mediums, spiritual readings, live questions, tarot readings or love and relationship advice. This variety makes assessing your personal needs a main priority.

The search function also allows searching for one psychic in particular – assuming that you have already found someone with a good vibe. Then, you can use Keen Psychic over its official website or its free application.

As a new user, you will get the first three minutes for free – just a free trial. While rates vary from one psychic to another, the truth is you can find some amazing deals that may cost you less than a dollar per minute, making Keen Psychic one of the most affordable options out there.

In terms of drawbacks, Keen Psychic does not provide video calling. Seeing your psychic face to face could be handy and might help with establishing a relationship. Some platforms do allow video calls, but not this one.

It does not mean that other types of readings can be overlooked though. With more than a couple of decades on the market, Keen Psychic has obviously found a good formula to make things work. Besides, a professional psychic will have no issues establishing a vibe with you, regardless of the option used.


As a short final conclusion, Kasamba, Psychic Source and Keen Psychic are by far the best rated platforms on the market. All of them provide access to hundreds of experienced psychics, multiple communication channels and detailed profiles.

There are lots of categories to choose from, hence the necessity of having your priorities straight. Choose the communication method that you feel comfortable with and take advantage of the free trials. Value for money is critical when choosing the right psychic.

No matter which platform you use for your online psychic readings, take your time to find the right psychic. Go through their specializations, as well as their reviews, so you can get a better idea about what to expect.