Public Relations Directed To A Young Audience – Is It Right?

Public Relations Directed To A Young Audience – Is It Right?

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Public Relations Directed To A Young Audience – Is It Right?
Public Relations Directed To A Young Audience – Is It Right?
Most public relations activities focus on the adult audience – governmental agencies, clients, employees, potential customers and so on. With all these, a lot of individuals form their own opinions regarding specific companies before even having to deal with them. Even children come up with clear associations when it comes to specific brands. Therefore, it might be a good idea to attract youngsters before your competition does it.

Of course, there is one major problem in attracting children – finding the right approach. Aside from the television, youngsters are not really among the most avid media consumers. Therefore, they are less likely to pay attention to a press release.

Promoting your business to youngsters

I have noticed that lot of companies sponsor sports teams. In fact, when it comes to public relations, sports teams and events represent the most common forms of sponsorship. Obviously, children get in touch with such types of sponsorship. With time, they will no longer feel indifference. But how about sponsoring something that is specifically developed for youngsters?

Roy of the Rovers was the main hero of a football magazine from 1954 to 2000. His imaginary team – Melchester Rovers – had more sponsors, including Nike, TSB, McDonald’s and Subbuteo. Sponsoring a fictive football team might seem a little unusual, but it has a lot of advantages. First of all, this is a smart way to reach to a young audience. Second of all, a fictive team will never be involved in doping events, scandals or other similar problems. Third, comics are stored and reread quite often. Some of them are so valuable that they may end up costing a fortune. Fourth, such a sponsorship is an exchange of credibility. The comics will get some credibility, as well as the sponsor. Finally, it is definitely a lot less expensive to sponsor an imaginary team than a real one,

As time goes by, comics might quickly be transposed to video games, which means that you gain access to numerous other opportunities. Obviously, it is imperative to keep up with the trends.

How to reach to your young audience

Reaching to a young audience asks for a little education and a few basic tips.

  • Try to choose something that will increase the authenticity of both the sponsored “team” and your company.
  • Always keep in touch with the artists and authors working on your “team”.
  • Contribute with scenario ideas that might involve your brand name.

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