Reasons To Be Nice To Particular Journalists

Reasons To Be Nice To Particular Journalists

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Reasons To Be Nice To Particular Journalists
Reasons To Be Nice To Particular Journalists
As a general rule of thumb, plenty of journalists work overtime, while their salaries are not too encouraging. They are often ignored or blamed and rarely appreciated for their work. Besides, today’s newspapers will become packing paper tomorrow, so journalists always work under pressure.

At the same time, journalists do not exist in order to promote particular products, companies or services. They do not care about the reputation of a company either. Most of them do take their jobs very seriously and focus on providing correct and exact news that are worth some attention.

Being nice to your targeted journalist

Tyler Barnett – the big boss behind Barnett Ellman PR – has recently dropped a compliment to a magazine redactor.

“Journalists want to know that their work is read by someone, somewhere. We all work hard and we can always use a nice compliment to light our day.”

With these ideas in mind, I highly recommend to read the newspapers and magazines that you hope to see your news in. If your favourite journalist has written something that you actually like, drop an email and communicate. You do not have to do it whenever it happens though. You should not do it only when you want something. Instead, remember that an occasional word of appreciation will definitely ease your venture when you have an important announcement to make.

You do not have to become too exuberant either. Find something that you truly like in an article and mention it.

How to ensure a good relationship with your journalist

There are several ideas to keep in mind when about to develop a friendly relationship with a journalist.

  • Avoid being too exuberant or you will look fake.
  • Come up with good words of appreciation only when they are deserved.
  • Do these things with a journalist who you already have a decent relationship with.

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