Reasons To Obtain Your Employees' Pride And Confidence

Reasons To Obtain Your Employees’ Pride And Confidence

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Reasons To Obtain Your Employees' Pride And Confidence
Reasons To Obtain Your Employees’ Pride And Confidence

A company with a positive self image and an internal feeling of pride will most likely act as a whole. It will be more efficient, so the productivity will be significantly improved. Practically, such a high self confidence will improve the brand as well. Therefore, when employees respect and appreciate the organization they work for, their productivity and working quality are taken to the next level, not to mention about the self esteem. Before being a freelancer, I personally used to come up with new ideas to improve the companies I was working for. I wanted to help them advance, even if I was not being paid for it.

How proud are your employees about your business? This feeling of pride might be the result of a purpose set by the company, not to mention about the personal success, ethics, management quality and impact over the customers. Taylor Nelson Sofres is an excellent example from this point of view. The company activates in informatics. It has more than 14,000 employees, while its network spreads in 70 countries. The company collects, evaluates and interprets various information for its customers, but it also provides business research and market studies, as well as political and social polls.

The network was mostly developed through acquisitions. Therefore, the employees are more loyal to the local offices, rather than to the whole group, which seems strange and faraway. However, this perception has dramatically changed in the winter of 2004. When one of the directors got caught in a tsunami wave in Asia, the company has donated $250,000 to UNICEF for the rescue operations. Such an obvious proof of altruism has actually gathered all the employees together. Today, they are happy to work for an organization whose values they respect.

In conclusion, it is not hard to realize that small gestures with a positive load can bring in impressive results regarding your employees’ motivation, pride and satisfaction.

Take your employees’ motivation to the next level

Never hesitate to get involved in all the social activities that may increase the responsibilities of your employees, such as donations, charity meetings and events. At the same time, it might be a good idea to adopt more compassionate business practices. All these things will provide your workers with some extra pride and confidence. Other than that, the communication is crucial from this point of view. Be honest to your workers and ask them directly – what would they like their managers to do?

Give them the possibility to get involved too, regardless of how small or significant the voluntary activities might be. Perhaps you plan to plant some trees or maybe you want to show up with some gifts for Christmas at a local orphanage.

On a different note, stay away from negative business practices. Just like you may already expect it, your employees will be less motivated to work for a company that has a negative image in the local society. Last, but not least, remind your workers how your service is useful for the local community and how their daily activities positively influence the society.

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