Remind Your Customers That You Are Still There

Remind Your Customers That You Are Still There

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Remind Your Customers That You Are Still There
Remind Your Customers That You Are Still There
A business card functions like a memento, especially at the beginning of a relationship with a customer. Most probably, the business card will be kept. When the client decides they no longer need the business card, they will get rid of it. But how can you keep the interest up? How can you bring back the positive effect of a business card?

Bad decisions when offering gifts

A lot of companies do make bad decisions. A temporary refresh of your memory, profile or relationship can be achieved by offering a gift. First of all, make sure that your gift is not taken for a bribe. It is fine to offer a present as a thankful reward to someone who buys from you regularly, but some people believe that offering too much and too fast implies transmitting a negative message. So what should you look for?

  • Be careful and choose an adequate gift.
  • Make sure that your gift is not offered too late. Christmas is always associated with notebooks. I have received dozens of notebooks overtime. The interesting part is that I already had one, so they were quite useless.
  • Avoid gifts that can be consumed within minutes. A bottle of scotch might be a good idea, but if you send it for Christmas, it might become history by tomorrow.
  • Stay away from dumb gifts. Perhaps you should forget about those pens with round tips.

Generally speaking, you should come up with a useful and distinct gift that no one else is offering. For example, I have a friend who stores his business cards in a leather business card book, which was offered by a hotel. This was, indeed, a good gift.

How to mark yourself in your clients’ memory

Various tips and tricks can help you boost your popularity among your clients.

  • Adequate gifts do not have to cost a fortune. Besides, plan this venture early, so you gain enough time for your purchases.
  • Stop being predictable. Offer a different present every year.

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