Sale Killers – Never Waste A Client's Time

Sale Killers – Never Waste A Client’s Time

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Sale Killers – Never Waste A Client's Time
Sale Killers – Never Waste A Client’s Time
People have never been busier than today. Generally, most clients will provide just enough time in order to make a decision – yes, no or maybe. Therefore, you have no clue how much time you have, so avoid wasting it. Do not rush this moment, but do not try to ask for more time either. Your initial discussion becomes useless if the client believes that providing extra time is simply not worth. The situation is just as problematic if they find this discussion to be boring and useless.

Common difficulties in presenting a product

There are situations when the initial discussion with an agent must be discussed or negotiated in advance. The agent is supposed to get some time in order to come up with the presentation. The client must accept the fact that making informed decisions asks for information. The key stays in your ability to respect the client’s available time. From that point on, you can work on descriptions, presentations, arguments and parameters, only to ensure that your ideas are solid.

Some industries are more pressured than others. In other words, the time is crucial and severely limited. From this point of view, salespeople must take this constant pressure into consideration. Otherwise, they will fail before even starting.

Sometimes, circumstances will ease your situation. But even when they do not, you have to respect the same principles. Never risk wasting your clients’ time. Succinct descriptions and a strong impact are the perfect ingredients for a good recipe in sales.

How to avoid wasting a customer’s time

So how do you stop yourself from involuntarily wasting someone else’s time?

  • It is not hard to mistakenly spend too much time with your clients. It is not hard to mistakenly exaggerate either. If they are not direct and they do not kick you out, you have to determine this time frame on your own.
  • As a direct consequence, you should find out how much time they have. Some clients take this question for an obvious proof of kindness. You can then adapt your presentation to their available time.

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