Some Ideas You Might Need For Your Call To Action

Some Ideas You Might Need For Your Call To Action

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Some Ideas You Might Need For Your Call To Action
Some Ideas You Might Need For Your Call To Action

Getting to know how to seal a transaction is one of the most common qualities in the world’s top sales directors. In other words, they know how to ask for an order. The exact same rule applies to copywriters as well. This factor is known as the call to action and it is often referred to as the CTA.

The CTA is usually a sentence or paragraph at the end of an email, letter or brochure. Normally, it asks for reader for a response. In an ideal case, the respective answer should be an order. At the same time, it may also represent a subscription to your newsletter, a reservation for a free seminar or just a simple reply. The CTA is supposed to be placed at the end of the text, when the selling process is over and the transaction is almost sealed. But is this a general rule? In my opinion, it is not. In fact, your call to action may be included in the title as well. After all, you have no clue how convincing your text will actually be, so the potential customer may not even reach to the end.

City Equities Limited – an authorized dealer – uses a simple phrase in the end.

“Once you reply to my letter, one of our dealers will call you in order to find out more about your investment necessities.”

This is a presumptive sentence. You are telling the reader what will happen when they reply and not if they reply. Just like the CTA is often left for the last part, it is also written before finishing the text. But this is not always the wisest idea. You are already tired and a little too annoyed, yet you feel proud about finishing the text. You can finally go out for a coffee as long as you finish the CTA. Therefore, you come up with a few random words that have no actual effects, you save the document and close the computer. At least this is how I wrote my first CTA texts.

From many points of view, this is the purpose of your letter, ad or web page. This is when the reader decides whether or not they want to buy your product. In conclusion, you need plenty of creativity, precision and effort.

Asking for an order in a direct, yet less obvious manner

No matter how unusual it might seem, write the CTA before the actual content. It will help you focus on your purpose, regardless of what it means. It makes no difference if you sell a product, a service or subscriptions to online magazines.

Other than that, you can use the call to action in order to convince people to do anything you want, including turning the page to a two page long letter.

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