Stay Away From Your Favourite Things In Order To Save Money

Stay Away From Your Favourite Things In Order To Save Money

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Stay Away From Your Favourite Things In Order To Save Money
Stay Away From Your Favourite Things In Order To Save Money
It sounds unusual, but your favourite things are actually the things that make you lose more time than those tasks that you find to be difficult. Most people spend a lot of time doing tasks that they truly enjoy. It is perfectly natural though. There are also a few explanations for this fact. For instance, doing things that you like will provide a higher level of satisfaction. Unsurprisingly, the risk to fall into perfectionism is very high as well. In this case, you risk doing more than what you need to. Besides, you might take the quality standards to a level that is simply not necessary.

This is not the one and only explanation though.

  • You might start doing one thing only to delay another one that you do not like. You give yourself the fake reason that you are too busy to approach the difficult thing.
  • You do not even think about outsourcing the respective task. You believe that you are better at doing it, so you tend to become a perfectionist while trying to solve it.
  • You believe that some tasks are too tempting. For example, travelling in order to complete a task is definitely attractive. However, this task may not necessarily be the most important one.
  • Some tasks might be very fun. If you are supposed to make a presentation, you will probably try out all kind of tutorials and designs. Obviously, a neutral individual could have completed the same task in a lot less time.

All these explanations are nothing but some example. They can easily provoke a lot of trouble in the long run. It is quite easy to fall in this trap. Everyone does it, but then, it is up to you to learn how to avoid such situations. I do it too, but I fix things right away.

How your favourite tasks can ruin your productivity

Avoid choosing the tasks that are easy to complete. The solution is easy. You need to honestly analyse your list of priorities and spot these slips upfront. Even better, you should figure out where the main temptations might occur, only to ensure that you can avoid them. This is by far the smartest way to save a lot of time.

Denying a problem is so easy, yet a lot of people pretend to miss it. Check your program and you will easily figure out how much time you are actually wasting.

How to boost your productivity with a journal

Working interruptions represent a serious time waste. The worst part is that you are the only one responsible for them. Setting up a working journal can help you realize how frequent they are. Once again, it makes more sense to identify these problems upfront, rather than doing it on the way.

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