Sticking To The Primary Purpose Of Copywriting

Sticking To The Primary Purpose Of Copywriting

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Sticking To The Primary Purpose Of Copywriting
Sticking To The Primary Purpose Of Copywriting

The passion for writing might be a good idea in copywriting, but plenty of experts tend to forget the reasons wherefore they have actually started to write. There are a lot of things that you should never do while professing. For instance, never try to be funny, express your linguistic knowledge, write literature or poems. On the other hand, focus on your main reason – sell!

Keep in mind that you write advertising texts because visiting each customer personally is way beyond your limits and resources. If this would be possible, no one would bother to write. Instead, they would knock at one door after another in order to engage into useful conversations.

So what does selling actually mean? In simple words, it implies identifying the target audience, finding out what your potential customers might require and why they would hesitate in buying your product. Besides, you have to convince them about the value of your product in order to seal the deal.

Never forget your primary purpose

When I first wrote about an entertaining or pleasant product, I used to exaggerate a lot. It is a perfectly normal temptation, so you should not worry about it. Wine is an excellent example from this point of view. Your mind goes away with the flow, while you end up writing a couple of pages about a picnic in Tuscany or the beautiful and old castles from Loire. The problem is that you have actually forgotten about your reader, not to mention about selling. The experts at Waitrose Wine Direct might give you a few hints if you ever need help with wine. Some of their ads begin with an enticing scenario that can easily bring in the right mood.

“The sun is finally shining as I write these lines and the temperature is slowly going up. All I dream about is being outdoors, enjoying a hot white wine in a hammock or perhaps a cold red wine while the barbecue is heating up.”

So far, so good. Although you might not necessarily find a connection between wine and a hammock, there is nothing to worry about. Before imagining the scenario of an Italian film, the first offers end up hitting you.

“With a fresh and hot taste, Sauvignon Blanc is a perfect wine for the summertime, while the Summer Sauvignon Blanc package from the fourth page is not just 29 pounds cheaper, but also very appropriate to satisfy both you and your friends.”

This is the old fashioned method to sell. You have to underline the product in front of the potential customer. Describe it and make the offer sound irresistible. Show the customer how they might end up being congratulated by their friends for such a bright idea.

Selling with nothing but words

Imagine yourself in front of the customer. Write down a scenario about the most attractive propositions and nominations. You can start slowly, but make sure that you achieve your purpose before the customer starts checking the watch.

With this thought in mind, it might be a bright idea to write a text that creates a perfect status for shopping. Just make sure that you reach to the actual product too and you do not stop there.

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