The Advantages Of Mass Personalization Over Your Business

The Advantages Of Mass Personalization Over Your Business

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The Advantages Of Mass Personalization Over Your Business
The Advantages Of Mass Personalization Over Your Business
Large scale collections of information and a proper storage can give you the opportunity to provide personalized services to each of your customers. You practically add value to your product, but you also clear your competition and ensure a continuous business.

Understanding how mass personalization works

The Ritz-Carlton hotel chain has seriously benefited from the information technology industry by training its employees to take advantage of all kinds of information. Over the past two decades, the chain has become one of the most successful luxury solutions in this field, mostly because of the customized services at a very competitive price.

I think that the management had something that made the difference though – a few strong key principles, a strong leader and a top notch administration. When combined with the information technology, the combination was fatal for the competition. So what kind of principles did Ritz-Carlton come up with?

  • The vision of efficient and personalized services made the difference. It was very important for the company to ensure that the employees were dedicated enough to provide high quality services. The IT systems were standardized within the entire company. An organizational culture has been developed too. The accent was put on the need to capture and spread useful information about each customer.
  • The will to guarantee for a perfect operation was essential in keeping the customers nearby, especially since it was associated with an excellent marketing plan. Ritz-Carlton has spent years gathering information about its own operations. Later on, it has mixed technology, innovation and individual talents. This way, the hotel chain has managed to follow each client’s preferences.

For example, employees observe the guests, record their preferences and store the details in a database that every employee can access. This way, every employee can provide a highly customized service. During their stay at a Ritz-Carlton hotel, guests are always scanned for new details that can help in gathering information. Simply put, guests can get their favourite pillows, rooms, drinks, newspapers and so on.

This approach is an excellent sample of mass personalization – the capacity to provide a wide array of services and products in a quick, efficient and profitable manner.

Mass personalizing your service

Attention to small details is a crucial factor in mass personalizing your service.

  • Use absolutely every employee in your business, as well as the benefits of technology, in order to analyse the market at a very high level.
  • Stock the information related to your customers in an accessible manner, so your employees can actually take advantage of all those details.
  • Quickly reorganize your people, processes and information whenever it is necessary, only to ensure that your customers benefit from personalized and respectful services.

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