The Internet Makes Marketing Deeper & More Personal

The Internet Makes Marketing Deeper & More Personal

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The Internet Makes Marketing Deeper & More Personal
The Internet Makes Marketing Deeper & More Personal
Attend a marketing conference over the Internet and you are very likely to find a lot of information about online copywriting. However, most of the advice and tips coming from these self called gurus do not bring in anything new. They are not different from what others gurus said over the past century.

Such a guru will probably use a self bragging text. It is stupid and relates to one product or another, such as a book or a course. In the end, the guru will claim that their success is less likely to be achieved over the Internet. Sadly enough, it will not be achieved in the print media either, only it is hard to realize it.

How personal a message can become over the Internet

A good friend of mine has recently written the content for a company that brought together equitation enthusiasts. He wanted to underline the actual energy of such sports, not to mention about presenting the benefits of such a club. The text was properly written to look like coming from the company founder.

”You watch your horse galloping and winning at the limit. You are amazed by the race result changing in the last minute. You discuss with the main jockey and the trainers. There are just so many different ways to taste the adrenaline. Joining the Racing Pulses club gives you a privileged access to all these. As a member of Racing Pulses, you are in a good company – a very good one, I might add. Our members are not married, social and impassioned about sports. Most of them are older than 25 and come from different industries. British lawyers, Yorkshire farmers entrepreneurs and media professionals – you will meet them all.”

The first time I read this text, I did it with an impersonating and personal voice. How do you obtain this tone? It looks like a good text for a computer is just like a good text in direct marketing.

Several rules in obtaining a deep tone over the Internet

Here are a few simple rules that can help you achieve that deep tone.

  • Write in an informal and conversational manner. Use clear words and do not be afraid to seem more informal than in the print media.
  • Never use syntaxes like “some of you” in an email message or on your official website.

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