The Necessity To Develop Psychological Profiles For Your Customers

The Necessity To Develop Psychological Profiles For Your Customers

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The Necessity To Develop Psychological Profiles For Your Customers
The Necessity To Develop Psychological Profiles For Your Customers
It is highly recommended to split your customers into small groups according to their preferences and necessities, only to maximize your sales. Such a profile based technique combines the psychological criteria grouping with the demographical criteria grouping. This way, companies can provide more specific and appropriate solutions. In other words, they can get one step ahead of their competition by orientating toward the customers.

Understanding how psychological profiles work

I think that Club Med has come up with an interesting tool to “diagnose” its customers. It was referred to as the key to happiness. The company management has noticed that about 40% of all customers were unhappy due to the inappropriate vacations for their needs. For example, families were sent to places for singles, while people who wanted to explore local cultures were sent to exotic, yet empty islands. Fortunately, the company has managed to identify five types of people.

  • Conservatives, who enjoy feeling comfortable with their families.
  • Party people, who obviously love to party a lot while wasting nights.
  • Epicures, who choose a very high level of comfort.
  • Cultivated guests, who like exploring local lifestyles, traditions and cultures.
  • Activists, who love staying fit and engaging into various sports activities.

They key to happiness was a self serving system meant to help customers. It brought in a series of questions, only to help the company categorize customers according to their preferences. The results were beneficial over short periods of time, but also very appropriate in the long run, since happy customers kept returning.

How to create psychological profiles by the book

There are a few basic tricks to help you in this venture.

  • Try to understand your customers. Who are they? What do they want from your company? Their reactions and a few polls here and there can provide a lot of useful answers.
  • Section your market. Split the customers in relevant groups according to their personalities, demands and other relevant factors.
  • Always keep searching for new methods to adapt your products or services to the respective groups’ necessities.
  • Evaluate every new customer in order to assign them to a particular category and provide some customized offers.
  • Make sure that your offers and prices are individualized according to each group.
  • Ensure that your employees are familiar with these groups and can help you satisfy them.
  • Always be ready to create new groups if you have to.

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