The Stupidest Things To Do On Linkedin

The Stupidest Things To Do On Linkedin

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The Stupidest Things To Do On Linkedin
The Stupidest Things To Do On Linkedin

Every so called professional or entrepreneur who respects themselves must have a Linkedin profile. Indeed, it is not a bad idea to establish connections with people in the same industry. You never know when a new business opportunity might arise. Plus, you can find a lot of collaborations or jobs as well. With all these, if you use Linkedin, you better make sure that you do not make the most common mistakes on such a network.

The spam greeting message

I have added people on Linkedin who I had things in common with, even if I did not know them. Some of them have sent automated messages to welcome me and ask me if there is something we can do for a good and long term collaboration. I do enjoy finding out what others are doing, but I like to find out in a positive manner.

When the message greets me, asks me how I am doing and invites me to check out a so called free book, I know that I want those people out of my list immediately. Even if those books are said to come for free, they are nothing but email spam messages. You will sign up with a spam service. The registration might be free, but you will probably get a worthless book. The good ones never come for free.

Therefore, if you have automated messages to send over, at least make sure that they are personalized. Do not advertise for your links, websites or books because no one wants to pay money for your service if they do not know you. Instead, build connections. This is what social media is about.

The multi message

The multi message is easy to spot because aside from your name, you will see plenty of other recipients that you do not even know. Once again, this is an automated message, only the sender drops it to more people at the same time. They are so lazy and disinterested in you that they do not even bother to do it one by one. The sender could just as well tell me that they do not care who I am or what I do. In any of these situations, they go out of my list right away. I know that they are hunting something in particular, but clearly not my collaboration.

In the end, a good message does open a lot of doors. You can make new connections, develop friendships and perhaps start a business venture too. But if you start the connection in such a manner, your connections will be just like you – useless. These mistakes underline a total lack of professionalism, which is the last thing a professional wants to see.

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