The Stupidest Things To Do On Twitter

The Stupidest Things To Do On Twitter

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The Stupidest Things To Do On Twitter
The Stupidest Things To Do On Twitter

In my opinion, most Twitter users are battling on who has more followers. There is a constant struggle to get as many followers as possible. But then, try to ask yourself how many people you actually follow on Twitter. Do you really pay attention to their posts? Do you anxiously log to Twitter hoping to find a lot of interesting news? While some people do it to a particular level, many others focus on their so called marketing techniques. Everyone who uses Twitter does it with one plan in mind or another. But then, some of these plans are terrible.

The unfollow technique in Twitter

I have run into a lot of people who seemed interesting at a first glance on Twitter. I attempted to follow them without any expectations from their side. However, they showed me that they were not worth my attention within the first minutes only. How many times have you received that robotised message claiming that the respective individual is using a script to find out when you stop following them? This way, they can stop following you too, only to focus on their super technique to gain followers.

Whenever I get such a message, I unfollow the respective user immediately. I do not even bother to check out their profile and find out what they do. I instantly know that they just want followers, only to spam some random links to their poor quality blogs, books or stores that no one wants to reach to anyway. These are the people whose businesses fail in the long run.

The confirmation technique in Twitter

There is also a second category of people who have no clue what marketing means, yet they try to do it on Twitter. I am pretty sure that you have followed plenty of people before, so you have also run into those messages that ask you for a confirmation. This way, they know that you are not a bot. Without confirming, they will not add you back. It is called a Twitter validation. Once again, such a message makes me unfollow the respective user in the next few seconds.

In the end, Twitter is, indeed, a good platform to establish connections, learn new things and gain some exposure. But if you do it in such a manner, you will only get followers who never read your stuff. Instead, they follow you in order for you to follow them too. Therefore, obtaining followers in an organic manner is a lot healthier option, especially if you prefer quality over quantity.

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