What It Takes To Write A Press Release Like A Professional

What It Takes To Write A Press Release Like A Professional

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What It Takes To Write A Press Release Like A Professional
What It Takes To Write A Press Release Like A Professional
Press releases represent the base of public relations, yet plenty of companies have no clue how to properly manage them. A lot of press releases are nothing but badly hidden ads. Obviously, most publications will not even bother to publish them for free. After all, they expect to be paid for publishing ads.

On the other hand, good press releases have the main benefit of being published for free. Besides, a lot of people actually read them, even if they usually get over ads. The key to getting a press release published is to write it just like a journalist. Practically, it should not be rewritten. Newspapers have a lot of free space to fill up, while hunting news is both money and time consuming. Therefore, a good journalist will always enjoy saving time and effort. With this idea in mind, a press release can work a very long way in a day that does not provide too many news.

What makes a press release worth some attention

A press release is nothing but a news related to your business. The general idea is simple – it must be worth some attention. It must come up with something unique and actually present some interest for the newspaper readers. Unless you come up with something amazing, some news about your latest sales will not represent such an interesting idea. On a different note, creating 500 new jobs in a dead economy is, indeed, a good topic.

The press release must be written in a style that journalists and redactors are used to. Journalists are used to write in the upside pyramid style. The main topic is included in the title. Every new paragraph brings in more and more details. In other words, the release should be easy to split in smaller parts, just in case the available space is limited. The best way is to practice implies reading quality newspapers. You will notice that the news can always end after a paragraph.

At the same time, press releases must be written for the respective newspaper. A news about a major discovery in engineering technology is less likely to be published in Cosmopolitan. For instance, I will never publish a business related press release in a pet care magazine.

How to write a perfect press release

Writing a perfect press release is piece of cake if you practice and read as many good articles as possible. A few helpful tips can work a very long way too.

  • Write in the style of the newspaper you plan to publish your press release in.
  • A press release must be actual news and not just a badly camouflaged ad.
  • Use the upside pyramid style in order to help journalists.
  • Develop a relationship with a local newspaper. Try to maintain a friendly relationship with the journalist who is likely to publish your news.

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