What Not To Include In Your Order Form

What Not To Include In Your Order Form

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What Not To Include In Your Order Form
What Not To Include In Your Order Form
Whenever I get a catalogue or a special offer in my mailbox, I take a peek at the order form. It is in my nature. I want to know if the form is simple or creative. The title can usually tell a lot about it.

I have a revelation when I read an “order form”. I think I have had more than 45 million revelations so far. I simply cannot understand why copywriters fail in the last phase by labelling things. It has to be more than that.

When order forms are labelled as order forms

I can almost bet that most copywriters always add the form at the end when they demand an answer or an order. Everyone has the tendency to see copywriting in a linear manner, from the outside to the inside. Therefore, you have to go through a few phases – envelope, letter, brochure, form. In other words, it feels like trying to reach to the finish line.

Getting there is quite simple for a copywriter. Do you need a title? This is an order form, so use it. However, you have to realize that even the dumbest reader can get the clue that this is nothing but a form. There are enough blanks for names, addresses, credit cards and so on. I cannot understand why other parts are not labelled. How about writing “envelope” on the actual envelope? I have never received a letter whose envelope says “open here” either.

So what would these individuals do if they had to sell face to face? Most of them can agree that they would approach a client in a different manner. There are a lot of things you can do in order to make your clients smile for a sale. For example, you can repeat the main benefit of the product. You can also remind the clients what they lose if they fail to buy your product.

Writing an order form that makes the difference

A few tips can open a lot of doors when not sure what to include in the order form.

  • Write the order form before dealing with the rest of the brochure or letter.
  • Take the order form for a per se ad. Think about a title that can encourage your client to buy. You can use “order now” instead of “order form”. It is simple, yet infinitely better.

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