When Punctuality Seals Deals

When Punctuality Seals Deals

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When Punctuality Seals Deals
When Punctuality Seals Deals
Punctuality is an old fashioned virtue today. Punctuality is just like kindness. None of them costs any money. Both of them are very important though. If you are asked to show up at 9AM, you better be there at 8:59AM. Organize your time in an efficient manner, so you can always show up on time. This means having enough time to get ready, not to mention about getting there. Make sure that you know how problematic the traffic is, but do consider parking as well. Blaming the traffic for being late is a cliché that no one wants to hear. You may not experience any harsh consequences. But in a world where no one is punctual, you might make the difference.

How punctuality can make the difference

I have a friend who works for a tyre business. The respective business distributes tyres to large construction companies that have plenty of heavy machines. One of her past clients kept delaying one meeting after another for different reasons. But in the end, the client has accepted a meeting. The client has also made a very important statement.

”Be here at 8AM tomorrow. Be here on time because this is your only shot.”

In order to get there, my friend had to drive for two hours, which means that she had to wake up really early in order to get ready. Of course, she could always ask for a different time, not to mention about being a little late. She did not.

She had breakfast while driving and she got there 10 minutes earlier. She took a seat in the reception area. The meeting got along very well and the client has made a serious investment. Can you guess what the client said after the meeting?

”I have to apologize for such an early meeting. I know that you have waken up very early. However, if I wanted to work with you, I wanted to make sure that you have serious intentions. Let us grab lunch together next time!”

Obviously, this was a test. If my friend complained about the time, she probably lost the deal.

How to maintain punctuality at the highest standards

Punctuality is a virtue that you are responsible for, so it has to be properly practised in order to become successful.

  • Be punctual. Train yourself on punctuality whenever you go out with a friend or a family member too.
  • Accept to be tested. Tests reflect the client’s necessity to be insured.

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