Why Link Farming Will Never Work In The Long Run

Why Link Farming Will Never Work In The Long Run

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Why Link Farming Will Never Work In The Long Run
Why Link Farming Will Never Work In The Long Run
Those who engage into online businesses are harshly fighting each other for a front running position in search engines. A proper search engine optimization campaign based on accepted techniques is a long term process. This is why some webmasters choose to rely on less honest optimizing techniques and methods, which I never recommend.

There are a lot of different methods to trick search engines for better results in result pages. However, they fail to understand that they end up being penalised or even banned after a while. The results they obtain overnight will not resist for too long. Sometimes, they can barely resist for a few weeks. All in all, link farm is one of the most common techniques in black search engine optimization.

Understanding the concept of link farm

Link farming gathers together plenty of websites whose pages have hundreds of links that have absolutely nothing to do with the actual content. Their primary purpose is to gain as many links as possible for promotion. They look like regular websites. However, most of the content is made of hyperlinks, whether they target words or phrases. There are whole networks of link farm websites. They are classified by directories or categories, only because search engines do not tolerate irrelevant links. In fact, these farms were specifically developed to help increasing the page rank. But then, search engines blame this technique, so it is practically useless.

Link farming is part of black hat optimization, which brings in a series of different techniques to boost the popularity of a website, but without any positive results overtime. In conclusion, natural links are more appropriate for long term results. Search engines have actually released a lot of guides to properly inform webmasters about what to do and what they disagree with. Therefore, it is imperative to avoid such ideas and focus on positive things only.

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