Why You Should Define Your Competition In Public Relations

Why You Should Define Your Competition In Public Relations

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Why You Should Define Your Competition In Public Relations
Why You Should Define Your Competition In Public Relations

Getting to know your competition is one thing, while learning how to perceive it in the perception of your audience is completely different. Most public relations (PR) actions have the primary purpose to define the organization in your customers’ perception. However, this idea can only solve half the situation, especially when you have to deal with a tenacious competitor.

Such problems become even more severe because a lot of people associate themselves with the oppressed part. In other words, your direct attacks over your competition might reflect on you. In my opinion, you have to be very subtle. From this point of view, most organizations choose to formulate their words in order to provide themselves with a solid positive image. Indirectly, the competition ends up with a negative image.

If you categorize yourself in a positive manner, it becomes a lot easier to insinuate that your competition is categorized in a negative way. Take the abortion subject for example. Those who agree with it will claim to support the opportunity to choose, which means that their opponents are against the actual choice. However, their opponents claim to support the right to life, which makes the abortion supporters seem to be against this right in the public perception.

The abortion subject is quite sensitive though. In any other industry, categorizing yourself to be in front of the competition can work wonders on your business. Make sure that your audience knows that you support the development of new jobs or the economical growth in the area by expanding your business. From that point on, your competition is caught off guard. Your competitors are now supposed to justify their positions. You basically force them to adopt a negative position, so you gain an immediate advantage in strengthening your credibility. Unless your competitors are very ingenious, chances are that you will immediately jump in front of them.

How to define yourself in order to attack your competition

There are several ideas to apply in order to learn how to categorize yourself.

  • Find the positive aspects of your business and focus on them.
  • Decide on your positive aspects that place your competitors in a negative light.
  • Never exaggerate, so stick to a constant promotion of the positive position you have decided on.
  • Get ready to face your competition, since it will most likely react in a very aggressive way.

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