Wish You Were Here...

Wish You Were Here…

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Wish You Were Here...
Wish You Were Here…
Have you ever thrown a postcard to the trash bin without even reading it? Neither did I. It is something attractive in that postcard that forces you to read it. Then why do not you exploit this idea in your marketing campaigns?

Postcards have a lot of benefits over traditional letters. They are less expensive than packages or large envelopes, but they also do not need to be placed in envelopes. Therefore, they provide an instant visual impact. They are funny and they can be read without too much effort. You can drop postcards in series by splitting them into several phases, only to deliver a cursive piece of information without asking the targeted audience for too much work.

When postcard based marketing campaigns work wonders

A friend of mine was once asked to write a series of eight postcards for a computer repair service. The primary purpose was to promote a new contract for IT maintenance. The primary purpose of such a campaign was to get some extra popularity among IT corporation directors. Besides, the service also tried to get a decent database of potential customers.

The first postcard announced that the last one will include a small test. The prize would be a day in an actual army tank. All the questions had answers in the first seven postcards. It was a very powerful stimulant to keep and read them. The campaign had a maximum exposure, while the service has gained plenty of contacts for the personal database.

Since no envelopes were needed, my friend ignored all the standard sizing rules. You can come up with postcards in the A5 or A6 formats too. They can be round or square. Just like for any other marketing campaign, there are also a few financial considerations, but a basic discussion with a designer can help you balance your creativity and paper consumption.

No matter what you do with your the postcard, add an extra element in every new marketing campaign. Work on the flexibility and provide your potential customers with an alternative to the everyday mail.

How to use postcards in your marketing campaign

What are the first things to know when about to implement postcards in your marketing campaign?

  • Once the postcard is printed, you can use it in a few different ways – inserts, flyers or actual postcards.
  • How about digital printing? You may even include your clients’ names in the design.

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