Write Down Your Ideas And Work On Them

Write Down Your Ideas And Work On Them

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Write Down Your Ideas And Work On Them
Write Down Your Ideas And Work On Them
I was recently waiting to see a film in a cinema theatre – Cocktail. I checked it out online and it seems it was quite old. I have no idea why they put it up so late though, yet the film was cool. All in all, once the commercials and trailers were over, a big message hit the screen.

”The management would like to inform the clients that there are no guarantees for the safety of personal objects . They must not be left in areas with a low visibility.”

Everyone felt confused, then the clients started to smile. What was the management trying to say?

”Take care of your stuff. Do not leave it on the floor.”

This is when you realize how hard some people are trying to enrich simple messages. They overload them with useless layers and words. Sometimes, it feels like people are embarrassed to tell words straight to the point.

A good sample coming from a luxury Indian restaurant

Atiquil Hoque runs a luxury Indian restaurant in a small community from the United Kingdom – Salisbury. However, this Indian luxury is more than just a curry house. The manager has tried to come up with a strongly individualized menu, which began with a brief letter.

”Dear customer, the Spanish say that my house is your house too. I like to say that my restaurant is your restaurant too.

I want you to feel like being part of this place, even if this is your first visit here. And if you come back, I hope that you do it because I have managed to enchant you with our friendly approach, as well as the traditional, delicious and original food.

My passion is to provide the amazing Indian recipes to people from Salisbury and the surroundings, so I would like you to share it too. Not only by showing up to eat, but also by offering suggestions for new dishes. We will take your ideas very seriously and this is a promise.

Whether you are here for a romantic dinner, a lunch with your family, a wedding party or even a business meeting, you will soon find out that we have the space, service and will to turn your event into a very special one.

I have come to Salisbury more than 10 years ago. I have always dreamed to open my own restaurant, where customers can come with friends, family or colleagues, only to enjoy the tasty Indian cuisine. My dream is now reality. Welcome to Hox Brasserie!”

Keep in mind that the text is only a substitute for the conversation you should have with each customer. This letter has definitely impressed me. This is not something that you see everyday.

How to effectively write down your ideas

If you think that writing such an intro is a daunting task, you are wrong.

  • Start by writing down whatever you would tell a customer if they were right in front of you. It will not be a perfect text, but it will represent a good starting point, as well as a text created in a casual manner.
  • Once you finish the first draft in a clear language, look for grammatical or spelling mistakes. You will not have to worry that it looks informal or too friendly.

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